Playroom Re-do

In 2010 we purchased our first home - a sweet little ranch style craftsman home that was 3 bed/2 bath and about 1400sf. We LOVED it and with it just being the two of us, this was the perfect starter home for us! We could have our master, an office and a guest room - what more do you need?!

Fast forward to fall 2011 and we welcome our first baby, Mason. We lose the guest room to make his nursery. No worries, right?! We still have an office and the living room soon began to be taken over by baby items.

Skip to summer 2013 and we now have two kids under two living in this tiny house. No more guest room OR office. We now have two kids in both spare rooms and a living room?! What's that?! Our entire house had become an overrun baby and toy store. Just walking in the door made me anxious.

It was time to move.

In 2017 we purchased our current home and I made SURE we had LOTS of extra room and an entire room we could dedicate as the "playroom" so I didn't have to see their toys EVERYWHEREEEEEE. I needed my adult spaces back where I could relax in my own decor.. and no singing toys.

From 2017 until now that playroom has truly been a saving grace. We survived the toddler, preschool and kindergarten years with BOTH kids and now that we're entering a new phase of elementary and kidhood, we knew it was time for the playroom to get a re-do, too.

You see, this house is a 4 bed, 2.5 bath BUT that 4th bedroom is the playroom. So, we really didn't gain a bedroom.. so guests??

Hi, welcome to our home. Please sleep on the floor. Thanks for coming. 😒

Nothing stressed me out more than "what do we do when we have guests?!" In reality, our guests are usually family.. so they give us grace.. but any time they come they are sleeping on an air mattress that was surrounded by toys. Honestly, you're lucky if you could see the floor through everything.

> Cue mommy meltdown mode <

One day I walked in the playroom, couldn't see the floor after I'd asked and warned probably a million times and that day? The trash bags came out. If it fit in the bag, it went.

I sold everything I could, donated what I couldn't and immediately jumped online and started pinning, shopping, planning and creating vision boards. The kids were left with a few solid categories of toys (legos, barbies, books, dress up, dinosaurs, etc) but for the most part, the room was EMPTY.

Enter Playroom Re-do Vision Board!

This room is now becoming our Playroom/Guest Room. It will be welcoming for guests when we need it and still serve as a great place for the kids to play, hang out, do school work and relax. I am thrilled with how it's all coming together and I cannot wait to show you guys the final space!

I was able to get the majority of everything from Wayfair, so don't overlook them! Between them, Overstock, Amazon and Target, I've pretty much decorated this entire house.

Stay tuned for how it all comes together 😍

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