June 13, 2018


Everyone, say HELLO to my sweet friend Erin Jacobs! She is one of those friends that we've never met in person, but we feel like we've been friends forever. She and I met online (you'll hear more about that soon) and although she is a SUPER busy wife, teacher, online boutique model and friend, she is doing me a HUGE favor to host this guest blog!!

Erin is into all things beauty - clearly.. she's gorgeous! 😍 So, when I reached out to her to see if she would share her thoughts on some Younique fav products, I was super excited that she said YES!! I hope you enjoy hearing from someone other than me, who in no way was paid for this or represents the brand in any way. Completely non-biased and honest. I wouldn't bring you anything less!

Thank you, Erin for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with all of us! <3


Hey everyone! My name is Erin Jacobs. I “met” Payton through our mutual love of all things fashion and The Zig Zag Stripe boutique. A while back, Payton reached out to me to share the love about a few of Younique’s outstanding products. She was kind enough to let me try the most beautiful shade of pressed eyeshadow, a gorgeous and creamy liquid lipstick, and the oh so glamorous Epic Mascara.

Let me just tell you;
I. Am. In. Love.
I have heard great things about Younique’s make-up line, but had never really “bit the bullet”. I admit that I did try the old formula of mascara from a friend and absolutely could NOT stand the multi step process. You had to put on a coat of mascara, then add fibers, then seal with another round of mascara. I always just ended up with a clumpy mess. This new Epic formula gives even better results without the hassle of those fibers falling into your eyes all day. Seriously, two coats of this mascara, and it looks like I have on flash extensions!
Funny story: I am actually plotting about how to get back into my classroom (even though we are under construction) this summer to grab the lipstick I got. You see, I left it in my desk drawer so I could swipe it on each morning after my coffee before my students walk in. I wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost in the chaos that is my purse, because I definitely didn’t want to go a day without it. The shade I got is called Sentimental and it is such a beautiful pink meets mauve that just goes great with EVERYTHING and gives just the right pop of color. The formula is very creamy and it does not dry my lips out, even though it is very long lasting! You know how a lot of long wear formulas feel like the Sahara Desert has moved onto your lips? Younique’s definitely does not fit that bill- it really does feel soft and maybe even a little moisturizing.

On the way to a modeling shoot with Zig Zag Stripe wearing all her Younique products!
The final product that I tried out was the pressed eyeshadow in the shade “Irrational”. As with everything else, I was very impressed with this! I could not believe how pigmented this shadow is. I’ve been a “Naked” girl for years now, and I always thought their shadows gave the best coverage. Well...then came Younique. I seriously only have to use like 2 swipes per eye and then I blend it out all the way to my corners for the perfect smoke! I can’t wait to grab some other shades to try out!

Each product that I tried has AMAZING staying power! I am a full time teacher and even after the longest days, my make up still looks perfect. I also “model” over at The Zig Zag Stripe, and I can’t tell you how much time it saves us at photoshoots to NOT have to pause to reapply products!

I hope you will give Payton a chance to change your world with her expertise! She will definitely hook you up with some great advice on how you, too can amp up your look with Younique!

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