July 27, 2017

It's about to get EPIC!

Since MIDDLE SCHOOL I've searched HIGH and low for the perfect mascara. I remember watching commercials on TV and wondering why my lashes NEVER looked like the models. Then I realized that MOST people have photoshop or use fake lashes and it was like my heart broke! I felt like I would never have the lashes that I wanted.

Fast forward 15 years, I had a professional photoshoot and had my makeup professionally done and they added fake lashes! I was in LOVE but my eyelids were NOT 😂  I felt like I was having to work EXTRA hard to hold my eyes open and even in the photos it wasn't giving me the result I REALLY wanted. Disappointed again.

Fast forward another year, I find Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. By this time I had tried every mascara there was because I was determined to find the one that made me feel like BAM - LASHES! This was my absolute favorite of anything I ever tried and I just looked past the fact that it seemed to be extra clumpy.

Fast forward another 2 years, I FINALLY tried Younique's 3D Fiber+ {with the new formula} and after a short learning curve I was like YES!!!! 

Extra points if you know what movie this is and you read my last sentence like this! 😂
I was finally in love with the lashes that I had, not using a product that was expensive and I wasn't having to have semi-permanent lashes attached to my eyelids every 4-6 weeks {which at one point I had SERIOUSLY considered} BUT it isn't exactly quick. Even after really getting the hang of it, I needed a decent amount of time to really use them well.


Bare lashes vs NEW Epic Mascara
They announced a couple weeks ago TWO brand new products - Epic Mascara AND Esteem Lash Serum 🙌🙌🙌  #allthepraisehands

1. Esteem Lash Serum - I am EXCITED about this because I've wanted to try other lash boosting serums before hoping that would help my failing search for amazing mascara, but I was definitely not about to get a Rx from my doctor OR pay over $130+ for it. Younique was like, "I hear you girl - here, this is clinically tested and approved to grow/lengthen your lashes and provide more volume NATURALLY... and oh, it's only $42 USD!"

2. Epic Mascara - The celebration continues over here as we move out of the two step fibers and into ONE STEP NO FIBERS land!!! #givemeallthepraisehands You can apply multiple coats if you want, but it's definitely incredible with just one coat! I mean.. LOOK AT THIS...

Are we serious right now?!? And there's no learning curve! Can you apply regular mascara?! GOOD. Then you can do this!! #sighofrelief

I am PUMPED for these two products and GUESS WHAT?!? They OFFICIALLY release to the public on Tuesday, August 1st!!

Yup, that means you've only got a few days left for you to get on my Pre-Order list so you can grab yours as soon as they go LIVE! Who's excited?!?! #thisgirl

I hope you guys are as blown away by these results as I am and I hope you'll grab your Epic Mascara and Esteem Lash Serum ASAP!! These will likely sell out since we broke all company sales records the day that PRESENTERS ONLY could order them!!#HOLYCRAP So, don't drag your feet and then kick yourself later <3

It's about to get EPIC yall!!


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