October 22, 2016

Top FIVE books of 2016

Many of you who follow me know how important reading and personal development is to me. I make it my personal goal to make sure I'm in a new book every month, but definitely diving into something that will help grow my mindset every day.

I've read a TON of stuff over the last year - some were total duds and others were GREAT. I wanted to point out my TOP FIVE list for 2016 because each of these impacted my life and my business in great ways, so clearly I think you need to put these on your list to tackle ASAP!

.:. Payton's top FIVE books of 2016 .:.

I Am That Girl
You are a Badass
Make It Happen
The 10x Rule

Here's the break down of each book (because they each have something unique to teach you) and why I think you need to dive in >>

1. I Am That Girl - This is the ANTHEM for all women. This is by far the most lengthy of the bunch, but it's WORTH IT. It took me longer to get through because I kept having to go back and re-read sections, make notes, really marinate on each section before moving on to the next. There is a full blown manifesto that will set your soul on fire and make you want to be THAT girl - the girl you've always seen yourself as but not sure how to become. Here's your ticket! DIVE IN and make sure you're mentally ready to absorb as much as possible and come with an attitude of learning and adjustment.

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2. You Are A Badass - If you are lacking in the self confidence department, I HIGHLY recommend you start here. This book will make you feel like you can do ANYTHING. Not by building up your ego, but truly helping you discover or rediscover your power that is unique to you. I never saw myself as a "badass" but after reading this book, I started to embrace what that meant for MY life. Huge game changer!

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3. Make It Happen - This one is probably my #1 of all books I've ever read. Why? Because it focuses on surrendering the FEAR you've adapted into your life. You may not even realize that you've done it! Maybe you have.. but either way, this FAITH-BASED book will help you surrender your fear, take the leap and live on purpose. That is pretty much the soul of what each of us should be striving for every day!

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4. The 10x Rule - If you are someone who likes it in your face, reality and gut checks left and right and no BS.. order this RIGHT NOW. If you're someone who likes everything happy-go-lucky and sugar coated, you may need to order this one too because you likely need the kick in the pants this book will give you. Cardone breaks down the ONLY difference between success and failure and makes it VERY clear as to what you need to do, what changes need to be made and how you can be your BEST. It's intense, it's FULL of incredible nuggets of info and it's about as in your face/reality check as you can get. Get ready for your world to be ROCKED by this one!

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5. #Girlboss - This one is more in the storytelling format. More like reading a novel of a successful woman entrepreneur. If you are encouraged by reading real stories of people who have done what you're doing and hearing every moment from their prospective, definitely pick this one up. You'll be inspired to take a lot of what the author shares and figure out how to use it in your own little world.

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I encourage you to start thinking about how you can really challenge yourself and grow your mindset these last few weeks of 2016. What you DO now, what you LEARN now, what you APPLY now, will only IMPROVE how amazing 2017 can be for you.

Check these out and let me know what you think!

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