September 1, 2016

September = Soups!

It's September!! and while it's not officially fall for another 3 weeks, September = SOUPS! Soups are my love language. Not only are they easy prep, easy to re-heat and eat and they taste awesome BUT they are EASILY doubled so you can freeze them for later! Win-Win-Win-Win!

Today, even though it's still (as one of my awesome friends calls it) hot as Satan's armpits outside - SOUP SEASON IS UPON US!! Besides Christmas, it's my favorite time of year.

Andrew and I got our prep on and got all three of these soups done so now we not only do we have yummy meals ready for the rest of the week, but we also have started stocking our freezer. That means when it's really cold out and the last thing we want to do is cook - BAM. There's already a full blown meal ready to reheat and eat! #lifesaver

Decided to try the Creamy Chicken & Mushroom soup and the Greek Lemon Chicken soup for the first time. The most amazing chili lives up to it's name. It's the only chili we eat! I will say all three of these are HOMERUN'S and we will definitely have these many, many more times.

The Greek Lemon Chicken Soup is SO good. It's honestly my new "sick" soup. Packed full of brothy-lemony goodness. Just makes your soul feel warm and fuzzy. It's got just enough kick from the red pepper flakes to light up whatever may be causing your sickness. Plus the chicken and pearl couscous make it for a really well rounded meal. The recipe calls for adding feta right before you serve it - YUM!

The Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Soup is DELISH. Packed full of veggies and herbs and just a touch of half & half for the creaminess, it's super good. You get the meatiness from the mushrooms and the chunks of chicken. It's packed full of flavor with thyme and fresh rosemary. Definitely need to give this one a try!

Then there's the chili - The Most Amazing Chili (and it lives up to it's name!). This one makes A TON of chili so no need to double the recipe. You'll have meals upon meals upon meals just from sticking to the original recipe. Packed full of flavor with cumin, Italian seasonings, chili powder (and many others) and just enough heat from a mix of spicy sausage and ground meat plus all the beans and veggies. Best. Chili. Ever.

If you want these recipes you can head over to my Pinterest and FOLLOW my boards! Then you can search the names of each of these within my boards and they will each pop up! Happy SOUP SEASON friends!!


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