July 25, 2016

Ultimate Reset Recap

21 days ago we embarked on a journey that we were excited but nervous about! After spending most of the year so far in and out of doctors offices, hospitals, tests, medicines and still not feeling quite right - we knew it was TIME for a RESET.

We committed to the Beachbody Ultimate Reset to help reboot our systems. Basically if you're looking for a program where you aren't starving yourself, you can eat real foods but you're resetting your body to it's "original settings" - this is it!

This is a three phase reset, which basically means its three weeks long and each week is a phase. In the first phase you're working on phasing out animal products and dairy. By phase two you're a vegetarian and by phase three you're vegan.

{{You can read my phase one recap here and my phase two recap here}}

My #1 tip if you're considering doing the Ultimate Reset - DON'T DO IT ALONE. You don't HAVE to have an in person buddy system, but it helps! If you don't, there are official Ultimate Reset Facebook Groups for each phase that you'll get info on how to join after purchasing - PLUG IN THERE! That will become your saving grace.

I was grateful that there was a small group of women starting the reset the same day as me and we all connected in a smaller private challenge group of our own. We helped each other through many tough days along the way! That kind of community is priceless.

The victories throughout this program are VAST. The GOAL of the Ultimate Reset is NOT weight loss. The goal is to reset your body so it works the way it's supposed to. The GOAL of the program are NON-SCALE VICTORIES {NSV}!

If you've been keeping up with the blog, following me on Snapchat, etc, you know that phase one was the BIG moments. It was where we saw the HUGE movement on the scale and measurements. That's also where you're detoxing from caffeine and sugars. You're bound to see some scale movement there!

Phase two and three do NOT work the same way. Because each phase is specific to it's purpose {reclaim, release, restore} your body goes through VERY specific swings. It was hilarious to see all of us in our challenge group on day 4, day 10, day 16 ALL asking the same questions and dealing with the same things.

Phase two was AWFUL for me. It's purpose is to release all the built up toxins in your liver. The release of those toxins threw me into an internal WW3. I honestly felt like a crazy person. Bipolar to say the very least. DARK cloud of depression set in {and that's not a normal struggle for me} and my anxiety was through the roof. Every moment of every day was a battle. It's amazing what all the built up toxins trying to release from your body will do to you! Poison is powerful!

Phase three was when my body started to really reset. This is also when we discovered I have Candida overgrowth {missed that blog post? Check it out here}. It's amazing what you can see, think and feel when everything else has been stripped away! If you aren't familiar with Candida, basically the naturally occurring yeast in my stomach, intestines, etc is OFF THE CHARTS which can cause a host of other issues.

What do you do for Candida? Well, for one you don't eat a bowl of three cups of fruit every day {ahem.. what you have for breakfast every.single.day on the reset}. I'd been having a lot of really intense bloating, stomach pains and overall feeling of grossness that was STRONG through the last half of phase two and into phase three, usually right after breakfast. Well, wouldn't you know it's because I'm feeding poison in the form of naturally occurring sugars into my system every day. The yeast was going NUTS and making me feel terrible.

At the end of the day, I would have NEVER known about the Candida had this reset not happened. There were too many other issues covering it up. Now that all of those other issues have been stripped away, I know!

My SCALE victories are slightly skewed. Between my Candida reaction and hormonal bloating/weight fluctuations right at the end of the program, I'm going with my day 17 results as my "finals". Why? Because I leave for Nashville for Coach Summit next week. After hormones chill out AND after traveling, not the best "after" results - not accurate either!

My Ultimate Reset scale victories
-15.5" overall

I wanted to, if nothing else, showcase this up-close facial before and after. Why? Because THAT is where I see SO much change. Yes, my hair is a different color in the after, but that's besides the point.

Look at the inflammation in my before photo compared to my after. THAT is the most incredible transformation to me. Look at my skin! In the before, I had a ton of make-up on to cover imperfections and breakouts. In the after? I have on mascara and eyeliner. That's it. MY EYES. Look how tired I look in the before. In the after? I look ALIVE and HAPPY!

Here's the deal - if you're OBSESSED with the scale and measurements, you're doing this for the wrong reasons. If you're looking for some insane before and after from me, you're not understanding the purpose of this program. If I was ONLY doing this to prove something to those of you who read this, I would be in the wrong! This reset is for me. Not for you or anyone else. I have NOTHING to prove to anyone but myself.

Now, here's what I'm REALLY impressed with >> time for the NSVs!

1. Sleeping - prior to the reset I was EXHAUSTED. All the time. I had raging insomnia. I would spend all day long severely exhausted, climb in bed at 9pm and suddenly be WIDE AWAKE until 2am or later. Now? NO insomnia. When I climb in bed, I'm ready for bed! I fall asleep quickly and I sleep AMAZING. Best sleep I've ever had hands down.

2. Adrenal Fatigue - I constantly felt sluggish and foggy. I had constant lower back aches. Now? I feel alert, "with it" and no more nagging pains! By week two I could feel an immediate difference with this.

3. Cravings - being addicted to sugar, caffeine, etc prior to the reset made the initial detox like HELL. Week one? Kill me. Now? No cravings. Sure did I battle the MENTAL cravings for favorite foods we can't have? YES. But that's the point. Drawing the line between mental and physical needs.

4. Underlying Issues - Without this reset I would have never known about the Candida. I would have never been able to pin-point very specific trigger foods. I would have never been able to truly release all of the built up inflammation holding my body captive.

5. Love of new foods - The reset uses soy a lot since you go vegetarian and vegan, but since soy is terrible for women with PCOS and I know it's a trigger for me, I tried my best to stay away. There is a hearty miso soup recipe and I just replaced the miso with organic broth and boy oh boy - FAVORITE!! Could make a huge batch and have that all day long. Really felt comforting to have a soup {even in the middle of crazy hell summer heat here in the south}. Plus all of the ingredients are like letting superfoods run wild through your body so there's ZERO guilt after you eat it!

Now here's the tough love - this was NOT easy. This was probably one of the most intense things I've ever done. Not because of the "diet" but because of the full-body detox you go through. Things I noted that were common issues people struggled with throughout the reset ....

> Emotional instability, quick to anger or sadness
> Feeling overly exhausted for days on end
> Mentally missing foods you can't have
> Chronic bloating
> Lack of scale/measurement results after phase one
> Lack of regular BM
> True hunger in week three

I don't say any of that to scare anyone, but just to be REAL. Main point - it's all normal. Trust the process. Stay strong and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

I will say this as a personal opinion note - there are MANY people who mimic dictators with this program. They have the attitude of "DO EVERYTHING BY THE BOOK OR DON'T DO IT AT ALL!" and THAT I do NOT agree with. It's your personal responsibility to learn to listen to your body. If you're lacking something or needing something, FIX IT {within reason}. Ignoring the signals your body sends is only setting yourself up for major failure and harm.


If that is the ONLY thing you walk away confident in after completing the reset, I say, you WON.

I am grateful.
I am thankful.
I am proud.
I am ready.

This experience gave me back so much that was missing from my spirit and I am excited to take that fire into the next phase of my journey. I am truly looking forward to getting back into an 80/20 lifestyle and being able to workout and push myself again!

To be continued .... <3

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