July 18, 2016

Ultimate Reset - Phase Two {RELEASE}

The second week of the Ultimate Reset is called Phase Two - Release. It's focusing specifically on releasing the built up toxins in your body. I would say hands down phase two was the absolute hardest phase.

Phase one you're detoxing from added sugars, unhealthy foods and learning to ignore your mental hunger and listen to your physical hunger cues.

Phase two you're detoxing from the release of all the built up toxins in your organs. You specifically add in a detox supplement in this phase. Your liver holds ALL KINDS of nasty stuff. Without a detox like this, it's hard to really clear it out and start fresh. The side effects? You feel like you're going crazy and your body BLOWS UP.

Coming off of a very successful phase one and immediately starting this phase watching yourself lose that loss of inflammation REALLY messes with your mind. You're tempted to jump on the scale and if you do, that also messes with your mind! You're gaining back what you already lost! WHAT?!

My advice - step away. Trust the process.

Easier said than done though!

PLUS, this week our close circle of friends and family were getting attacked from every angle. Every day it was like more bad news. First it was hearing of our close friends miscarriage, then family members were in the hospital for a few days where doctors STILL don't have any answers, then the final straw was learning that marriages were ending in our circle.


Needless to say, I spent a lot of unplanned time with my girlfriends and family this week. The added stress makes a difference.

Plus the release of the toxins were REALLY hard for me. Whenever toxins are released in your body, it can severely mess with your hormones and emotions. My body didn't know what to make of what was happening. It was very impacted by the inflammation returning and returning so quickly. I had cyst pain again, my stomach was really bloated but more than anything - I struggled with a dark cloud of depression that came out of no where.

Check out my daily updates through Phase Two here

The Ultimate Reset community is important to plug into. There are separate groups for each phase, so you can plug in with people who are in the same phase as you. That helped me stay sane. Knowing there were many others who were dealing with these same issues lets you know you're NOT alone, even though you feel like it.

This week I'm choosing NOT to look at the scale or the measurements. Many others in this phase are choosing the same. I'm going to trust the process and see how I feel at the END of this next phase!

Encouragement through this is I did some online shopping for my trip to Nashville next week for the Beachbody Coach Summit event prior to starting the Ultimate Reset. They arrived this week and WOW.

Shorts from Yours Clothing
I ordered these shorts because I couldn't get over how adorable they were! They arrived and they are big enough to fit myself and one {maybe both} of my kids into! CRAZY! TIP - Don't shop for sizes pre-Ultimate Reset! I'll be sending these back.

Long story short - ROUGH WEEK.
Feeling bloated.
Feeling inflamed again.
Losing dress sizes.
Ready to start Phase Three.


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