July 11, 2016

Ultimate Reset - Phase One

Today is day seven of the Ultimate Reset, which means that we have completed the first phase of the program! In some ways it feels like this moment would never come but at the same time, I can't believe it's been a week already!

Phase One quickly eliminates animal proteins and dairy from your diet. By day three, you're no longer allowed to eat meat or animal products {bye bye, chicken, fish and eggs} and by today you've eliminated all animal products.

Hello Vegan life.

Plus you're going NO added sugar, NO caffeine, NO alcohol {not that I could have it anyway - I'm allergic} and very limited grains.

Sounds fun, huh?? ;)

If you want to check out the playlist of videos for Phase One, click here

It was an interesting week. They tell you this is more than just a physical cleanse, but it's really hard to understand what all it will do for you personally until you're in it.

I'm part of a mini-challenge group specifically for people who are doing the Reset at the exact same time as me and what's been interesting is to watch us go through a lot of the same struggles at the same time.

Around day day four the intense emotions set in. It was like mass hysteria. Intense emotions - from anger to sadness. Sobbing for what seemed like forever with no reasoning at the time other than "I can't do this!" But when your body is being reset from a cellular level, it's incredible what all starts to come forward.

By today, all my energy had finally come back. I went to TOWN doing all the productive stuff that has been difficult over the last week. It felt good to "clean house" while my body is doing the same thing.

I won't lie and say this is enjoyable - it's not. It's very difficult and at least once a day we have a serious talk about quitting. We both agree that we miss animal protein {something I'd never thought I'd say} and that we're still struggling through feeling full after we eat.

I know that this is worth it, I'm already seeing {and feeling} the benefits and we're looking forward to knocking out this next phase as quickly as the first!

Here's what you're really wondering though... I know you're asking, "but, what are your results so far??" Well....

Phase One Results
-11.5" overall

I'm happy with that and look forward to seeing what else I'm able to accomplish in the next phase!

I can do hard things. #RenewMe

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