July 5, 2016

Prepping for the Ultimate Reset

Today is DAY ONE of our dual Ultimate Reset and we are EXCITED! I'll be documenting as much as I can through this blog, vlogs (YouTube) and Snapchat (@paytonpeoples). Of course anything we do will be on Facebook too. Follow along!

Since yesterday was July 4th, we spent ALL day at the pool with family. We knew since we would be busy yesterday that we needed to have ALL our prep done BEFORE hand so we could kill it today.

So far, it's working great! Thankful for meal planning and prepping.

Saturday night I spent reading through the program & nutrition guide, making adjustments to our week one meal plan (they plan everything for you, but for dietary restrictions and what will work best for our schedule, we moved some meals around which changed the shopping lists and plans) and making our grocery list.

Sunday I tackled it all at Kroger. We don't have any Whole Foods, Sprouts (specialty stores) around here. We make due with what we have and order what we can't get on Amazon!

After shopping we came home and started prepping. The #1 thing people said about this program is "it's so much WORK" and it IS. Not because of what you're doing once you start, but how much needs to be done BEFORE you start. Can you make meals as you go? Sure! But, do you really want to be thinking about cooking when you're detoxing and probably have a massive headache and just want to sleep? I know I don't. I'm mentally prepared for the worst. I've been through this with Whole30 before, and I wanted to eliminate the work once we started in case it's that bad again. (To be read as, I detoxed for almost a week during our first Whole30. I thought I was dying. Read the linked post above if you want to know more).

We got 90% of all our foods done for the entire week, which is awesome. Less to worry about and allows for more time to FOCUS on the program! What else do you have to do to prep? Take before photos and measurements. You have to know where you're starting to really be able to celebrate your accomplishments at the end! Is it fun? NOPE. But it's WORTH IT.

I'll be doing more of a play-by-play if you want those types of updates on Snapchat (make sure you follow me!) and I'll do more of daily/weekly updates on the blog and vlog. xoxo


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