July 21, 2016

Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper  is a popular show on TV. Many people love it {as do I} and I think it's the PERFECT example to relate to what my journey looks like. Make it a little more relatable.

Chip & Jo always find the houses in the best neighborhoods that need the MOST work and then work really hard, uncovering many unexpected twists and turns along the way before they pull back the past and reveal the beauty that was underneath the whole time.

That's the BEST analogy to what I'm going through that I can think of.

I am the house.
My life is the neighborhood.
My journey is the hard work.
Healing chronic illnesses are the twists and turns.

If you guys have been following me you know that I've been going through the Ultimate Reset over the last 16 days {today is day 17}. I am SO grateful for this program because it's restored many broken pieces. I can feel such a huge difference already. I will elaborate more on all of that once the 21 days are over!

>> BUT <<

Just like when Chip & Jo are fixing up a house, the unexpected twists and turns are ALWAYS there. They expect them, but sometimes it's worse than they expected. Sometimes it's minor. The same thing can be said for my journey.

Peeling back the layers and healing some areas reveals more issues elsewhere that we couldn't see before, but it's all part of the problem. You can't experience ultimate healing until it's ALL fixed. Just like Chip & Jo wouldn't leave faulting plumbing in the house, cover it up and expect the house to be perfect. It just doesn't work that way!

What have we discovered now?

Candida overgrowth.

How have we discovered this now?

My body has been experiencing extreme bloat and pains since we ended phase one of the UR. At first I tried to write it off as part of the detox and that things would improve. But as we made our way into phase three and it wasn't getting any better I knew it was something else. Something else that was only brought to light BECAUSE I did the UR. {thankful for that}

What does this mean?

This is actually very common among most people, but many don't know what it is or why they have it. Mine is likely triggered from the harsh medicines I've been on this year trying to figure out what's going on with me! Antibiotics kill the good stuff in your gut which can cause the overgrowth of Candida. It can also be triggered by sugars {natural or processed} and the UR has you eating a HUGE fruit bowl every.single.day. Since everything else was stripped away and I could tell the biggest difference in how I felt every day came after that meal. My stomach and Candida were REACTING to what I was eating.

What now?

Since we're already in UR mode, once I return from Summit I'll be starting Hammer & Chisel in August with my August Challenge Group and I'll start phasing into a Candida "diet". Its purpose is specifically eliminating what is causing overgrowth and heal your gut. I'm HAPPY to be able to add animal proteins back in - I'VE MISSED CHICKEN AND EGGS!

What can you eat? What do you have to stay away from?

Foods TO eat >> GREENS {veggies, green juices, herbs}, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, stevia, unsweetened cranberry juice, flax seed, chia seed, spices {turmeric, cinnamon, etc}, organic meats & broths, PROBIOTICS and Vitamin C

Foods to AVOID >> Alcohol, sugars, fruits, grains, white vinegars, peanuts, dairy, grains

Of course my Ultimate Reset results are being effected by this. I will celebrate the NSV more than what the scale says. IT'S ABOUT HOW YOU FEEL. And I can tell you {for the most part - Candida issue aside} I feel AMAZING. I'll share all about that soon!

One step at a time.

INSIDE >> OUT health is what it's about


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