July 1, 2016

Dia&Co. - REVIEW

Ladies, it's no secret that there are about 2 million options for you to get your clothes these days. Long gone are the days of big department stores. Now it's all about unique pieces and boutique prices.

If you're plus size, it can be even harder to keep up with the trends because we have limited options at affordable prices as it is! Especially when places like Stitch Fix start marketing to women and shipping cute clothes to their door from personal stylists! But, as usual, it doesn't include women's plus.

BUT, while on Facebook one day a few weeks ago, I noticed an ad for a company called Dia&Co. They are a PLUS SIZE styling company. Works basically the same way Stitch Fix does, but in plus sizes! Score!

I decided to give it a shot and see what I thought.

I filled out my styling profile and provided A TON of information about myself, including my Pinterest boards that have my style type stuff pinned all over them. Then I paid the $20 styling fee and waited for my goodies to ship!

Now, how does it work? I got my box with 5 items. Then I can try them on and see if I like them! If I do, they each have individual prices I can purchase them by. Or, if I love all of it, I can purchase the whole box for a discounted rate. Whatever I don't love goes back in the box with the prepaid shipping label they provide and ships back to them!

I received my box yesterday and did a sneak peek into the unboxing on my Snapchat (@paytonpeoples) - so make sure you follow me there so you can stay up to date with everything going on in LIFE! :)

My box included 3 shirts, 1 full length maxi dress and 1 necklace. Here's what they sent!

My opinion - the clothes (at least what I was sent) are not consistent with the sizing labels. They run 1-2 sizes SMALLER than what the tag says. I wasn't impressed with the quality of the clothes either. Each piece ran anywhere from $20-$70 to purchase. The necklace is super pretty, but I'm a Charming Charlie guru, and I could get that same type of necklace for half the price there.

I chatted with the reps and they apologized and after reviewing what I had sent in my styling profile, they were surprised I was sent what I was. They refunded my styling credit so I can try this again at no additional cost and see how I feel!

Let me be clear - they are a NEW company and have A LOT of learning/growing to do, but their customer service has been wonderful. They ask A LOT of questions to try and get your ideal outfits in mind and shipped to you, but sometimes they don't hit the mark, like my case.

I definitely recommend that you give them a shot and see how it works! It may be a lifesaver for you! No more shopping :) They have options to only get boxes when you want them or they have subscription services. Give them a go and check it out! You can use this link to check them out >> https://www.dia.co/r/3ul2 I'd love to hear what you think!

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