June 27, 2016

Ultimate Reset

There's one specific thing that's been glaring me in the face for awhile. One thing that seemed way too CRAZY to even consider. One thing that I KNEW would make a huge difference, but hello... CRAZY.

Then I got all geared up, prayed about it, purchased it, then found out it wouldn't be here for another MONTH. Then I thought, "this is a sign.. it's too crazy"

Then I found out THIS MORNING, it's shipped and on it's way..

So, what's this crazy "IT" thing?!?

Beachbody's Ultimate Reset

What does this mean?? What am I doing?? Have I lost my mind??

This is to RECLAIM, RELEASE & RESTORE my body. And I couldn't be more excited!!!

This is a 21 day program that is built to 100% focus on HEALING your body from the inside out. It changes how you approach EVERYTHING. From nutrition, to rest, to water, to exercise... It's CHANGING the game from a cellular level.

There are three phases, each lasting 7 days. Which is cool to me because that's just long enough doing one thing that you'll be ready to change things up a bit at each 7 day mark. 

Gallon+ water every day
Becoming a vegan by the end of the 21 days
Limited exercise (yoga and walking only)
Eliminating foods that are producing toxins and causing severe inflammation
Setting myself up for HOLISTIC HEALTH and getting to the bottom of what's causing my issues

Best part is Andrew and I are doing this TOGETHER. We're committed to resetting ourselves from the inside out - not only for this, but we're also doing the same thing with our finances and ultimately taking CONTROL in every area.

Is it going to be HARD? Yes.
Will we have to make some insane sacrifices? Yes.
Are we READY to do it? There's no time like NOW.
We're starting on JULY 5TH and completing our Ultimate Reset on JULY 26TH. 

I can't wait to see what these three weeks will have in store for us. There will be a lot of updates on Facebook and YouTube and I plan on recapping each week on the blog as well. If you want moment by moment sneak peeks, follow me on Snapchat (@paytonpeoples)


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