June 15, 2016


A few weeks ago I shared on my Facebook page that I had just received these new herbal teas from Teaonic and I was excited to try them and share with you guys what I thought!

That same live broadcast goes through what Teaonic outlines for each of their teas from their website, so if you want a snapshot of what each of these are all about, check that video out!

I wanted to share with you guys what I thought of each of these flavors! Because I didn't drink the same type for multiple days, I didn't notice any direct changes. However, I'm confident that if I were to choose one and stick to it that I would definitely notice a change! This was more of a trial run to see what I really thought of the flavors, quality, etc.

Before we do ANYTHING else, let me be VERY clear. I am not affiliated with this company whatsoever. I'm not receiving any kind of kickback or promo for doing this. Everything I state in the video listed above from my Facebook page AND this blog are STRICTLY my opinion and not to be taken as medical advise or anything else. There is your disclaimer.

First, if you enjoy different teas, I will say "go for it!" to encourage you to try these. They are all VERY different with many different herbal blends and flavors. Here's the breakdown of what I thought of each flavor I tried.

I LOVE MY skinny body

This one was the one I was the most nervous about trying. Mostly because of the flavor profile. It's tea, but it's flavored with chocolate. Now, I'm not a HUGE chocolate lover anyway.. so chocolate tea? That's pretty out there for me. I gave it a fair shot, but I wouldn't try it again. Just not my thing!

I LOVE MY skin

This one was pretty refreshing overall. The lemongrass flavor really came through. Tasted a lot like a natural green tea does. Not too shabby!

I LOVE MY adrenals

This was the one I was MOST excited to try. Mind you, I have adrenal fatigue, so anything that promotes health to my adrenals, I am EXCITED about! Plus, the flavors in this one seemed much more up my ally. And I was right! It was delish!! If I decided to go for these long term, this would be my #1 choice to drink on a regular basis.


I mentioned in my video that I was nervous about this one. I'm usually not a chi flavored person. I wanted to love it because it's the gut health tea! With leaky gut, again, anything that should help, I'm EXCITED about! So, I gave this one a fair shot and I will say... I really liked it! This one would be my #2 choice for drinking on a regular basis.

I LOVE MY femininity

Jasmine and Mint doesn't exactly sound like me. So I was skeptical, but it was really more of the mint flavor that came through with this one. Not in a mouthwash kind of way, but very subtle. Not terrible, but not my favorite. Just ok! 

I LOVE MY liver

This one I was almost convinced I would love! It has ginger in it and typically that's all you need to say and I'm a fan. Ginger has so many incredible properties to help your body function well and it tastes great! This one wasn't superb, but it wasn't bad by any means. It would be my #3 choice for using on a daily basis!

This was a great experience and something to try out. It's currently not an expense that I'm looking to accrue ($5/bottle) but down the road that definitely may be a decision that I reconsider! They are definitely worth a try, especially if any of these are issues you knowingly deal with. Check it out and see what you think! I'd love to hear what you guys think if you give them a try too!

Happy tea drinking friends :)

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