June 29, 2016


Why do I do what I do?

Why do I relentlessly pursue avenues to help others?

Why is this mission so important to me?

Simple - passion & fervency.

I was created for a special purpose that extends outside of being a wife a mom. Not that those things aren't enough, because some days I wonder why that CAN'T be enough. People are mean. People ignore my efforts. People act like they didn't ask for my help or that I'm never doing enough for them. It would be MUCH easier to just walk away and say, "do it yourself! you're an adult, aren't you?!" but I DON'T. Why? Because I've been CALLED for more. That means my passion and fervency for my mission is relentless. I can't stop. I won't stop.

This is a GREAT article I saw a few days ago. The BRUTAL truth about those "pyramid schemes" - You can read it here >> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/regan-long/the-brutal-truth-about-those-pyramid-schemes_b_10602586.html

But even more that extends past what that article mentions.. I'm not just in this for the paycheck for my family (although I'm ALWAYS grateful for this opportunity and how it provides for us) my FOCUS is on YOU.

Your goals.
Your hopes.
Your dreams.

How you visualize YOUR life.
How you want to FEEL.
How you SEE yourself from the inside out.

That is what makes what I do different. I'm about awakening radical change from the inside out. Mind, body, soul, spirit. It's ALL part of the process.

Yes, your newsfeed may be flooded with every kind of sales pitch you thought you'd never hear.. but hear me when I say, I'm not another sales pitch. My heart is rooted deeply in what YOU need and how I can help you.

Remember that.

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