March 22, 2016

Sea, Sun & MAJOR Fun!

About a year and a half ago I had the opportunity to register for a spot on the S.S. Beachbody - aka, the Oasis of the Seas - aka, the largest ship in the world! It felt like the trip would neverrrrrrr get here, but it FINALLY did, which felt like a dream come true!

Not only did Beachbody pay for us to go on this trip, but they also gave us travel cash so this trip was bound to be AMAZING (and it was!!) <-- note, I worked my BUTT off to earn ALL of that. Nothing is ever handed to you my friends.

Now for everyone who thinks this is something you sign up for + with NO work at all, you'll immediately travel + be rich as Barbara, this disclaimer is for you.
"Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes.

Andrew and I have been married for almost 7 years. Our oldest is 4.5 years old. Never since we've had children have we gone away on a trip like this. N E V E R. This was the FIRST time we've ever had any time away, just us!! We were incredibly excited for the opportunity, thankful to family for helping watch the kiddos while we were gone and READY to get away from it ALL for six days!

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale a day early and spent time resting and enjoying some of the most expensive Mexican food we've ever had {haha - but seriously, $12 guac!} and gearing up for boarding the ship the next day with 3,000 of our closest Beachbody friends and their families! Oh! and we used UBER for the first time - it was interesting! The first lady listened {to be read as BLASTED} to Spanish talk radio the entire time and the second lady was super nice and told us all about her family :)

Saturday arrived and we were READY to get this party started!! We had a few setbacks getting on the boat {all Royal Caribbean's issues} but once everything was ready again, we were on the boat super fast and ready to get our vacay started!!

The boat was 100% chartered by Beachbody. That means there's over 6,000 people on board and they are ALL Beachbody people! It was like taking the most epic vacation with all of your best friends. 

Seriously, amazing.

The boat is broken up into "neighborhoods" so you can see in the photo above, this is just ONE of the six neighborhoods on board. They had balcony rooms that overlooked the inside of the ships neighborhoods. Really cool! This is the Boardwalk and the back of the ship where the Aquatheater was. They had an amazing show that was like Cirque du Soleil on water!

We had a balcony room that overlooked the water. It was incredible. Basically, this was our view all day, everyday. BEAUTIFUL. We've cruised before with a balcony room, but this was seriously 10x better than anything we've had before. The balcony was roomy and seriously, you cannot beat this view.

In my business, I work very closely with the corporate mentors at Beachbody headquarters. It's my responsibility to make sure the Atlanta area is connected to the mission of the company and growing to match our goals for our area. I help plan and manage events for our area with the Atlanta Market Council and while aboard the S.S. Beachbody, I was invited to have dinner with our corporate mentor, Craig Colyar (pictured middle) and four other leaders from regional Market Council's from all over the Southeast. We represented Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Virginia & DC. It was such an honor to be chosen to sit at the captains table (check out those awesome seats) with our guests and enjoy a wonderful, super fancy meal with some GREAT company.

{Pictured top L-R: Andrew & I, Chonta Flowers, Hayley Taylor.
Pictured bottom L-R: Laura Mendenhall, Tulin Emre, Katie Kramer/Lisa Faus/Julie Wilson}
As you do on any cruise, we had a formal night - which is a BIG deal for coaches! We live in workout clothes and yoga pants ;) Doing our hair, makeup and dressing up is like a once in a lifetime event! Of course we had to take ALL the photos to document this night. So many amazing leaders and friends were on this trip - when I say it was like taking the ultimate vacation with your best friends, I truly mean it! 

We had the opportunity to hang out all together as our BIGGER umbrella team, which was incredible to see and be apart of. In the past only 2-5, maybe as many as 10 coaches have been able to qualify and attend these trips. This trip there were over FIFTY of us. Not everyone could make their schedules work to come hang out, but a good majority of us did, so of course we snapped a photo!

We laughed.
We cried.
We hugged.
We just talked.

The coolest thing about the community of our team is that we can 100% be ourselves, ALL the time. and God put all of us together with our strengths just perfectly to make an incredible powerhouse team of women who all have one common goal - to HELP other people become their best.

On a smaller scale, we were able to hang out and do dinner together just with our smaller umbrella team. I can't remember the last time I laughed THAT hard. There's something about being part of a team that GETS you - it makes all the difference in the world.

The BEST part of what I do is the community of women that you get to work with. Most work doesn't promote strong relationships with other women. It's usually dog eat dog, step on whoever you have to in order to get to the top kinda stuff. Not here. This is TRUE community. This is TRUE friendship. The seven of us pictured here make up just a small portion of the bigger community we represent. Each of us came together in a unique way, 100% stitched together in God's plan. Without Beachbody, many of us would have never connected, let alone become lifelong friends.

We work TOGETHER. We CHEER each other on. We CARE about one another. We are fearless, bold, spunky, tenacious & tough. We want to inspire others to shine, hustle, awaken radical change and renew themselves, define their lives and form true relationships that go way deeper than just a physical transformation with a fitness program. This is about life change.

Of course you get to EAT on the ship. Unlimited amounts of pretty much everything! The word on the street is our cruise out-drank and out-ate ANY trip that has ever been on Oasis! Coaches know how to WORK HARD and PLAY HARD, that is for sure. This Spanish Tapa Plate was one of my favorite things I had all week. That and the french toast... which I never got a photo of because lets be honest.. it was DELICIOUS and immediately devoured.

annnnnnnnnd it wouldn't be a Beachbody event unless they announced some super cool new stuff coming out SOON!! Beachbody announced three new things coming this Spring/Summer.

1. Beachbody Performance Line - 
Recover will now be available in Chocolate AND Orange
2. Super Trainer Search - Reality show!
3. Brand new fitness program COUNTRY HEAT 
{check out the video below}

More details here --

1. In May 2016, you'll be able to enjoy all the muscle recovery benefits of Beachbody Performance Recover – in a new, delicious Orange flavor. This new flavor will also be included in the Beachbody Performance sampler kits – for the same low price of $19.95.

Here are some fun facts about Beachbody Recover:
  • 20g of protein, now known as the “magic number” you need for optimal muscle repair and adaptation.
  • Clinically–proven phytonutrients , (such as pomegranate or tart cherry) help reduce muscle soreness and speed strength recovery.
  • Smaller amounts of carbohydrates (10g), are better, plus science shows you can also rely on your post–workout diet for glycogen recovery.
  • Half the calories, make it especially good for weight–conscious customers.
  • NSF Certified for Sport, assures it contains no substances banned by athletic organizations. Questions? FAQ 2419 has more.
2. For the first time in the history of Beachbody YOU get to help pick the next Beachbody Super Trainer. Introducing The 20s, the all–new reality style competition series where handpicked, young, aspirational, 20–something fitness Trainers live and work under one roof, vying for the chance to win the Grand Prize – a contract to develop a home fitness program with Beachbody. After weeks of competition, the top Trainers will make a final pitch and Beachbody will ask US & Canada viewers to vote for the Grand Prize Winner. A new episode with be streamed each week in Beachbody On Demand. Coming August 2016! More details here.

3. Coming Summit 2016, the creator of 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix EXTREME and FIXATE, Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese, brings you Country Heat. Get ready to fire up your metabolism, burn calories, and melt away unwanted pounds while you have fun dancing to the hottest country music around. Each Country Heat workout is 30 minutes of exhilarating, low–impact movement to melt off the weight and reshape your body–toning and tightening your shoulders, arms, legs, and booty. Autumn makes it easy to start getting fit with simple moves that will have you right in step from day one. Plus, Country Heat comes with Autumn's famous portion control containers and easy–to–follow nutrition plan to maximize your results. Turn it up to burn it off!

Hands down the BEST part of the cruise is getting to spend time with your friends, one on one. Especially, when you bring your husband along and then one of your best friends husbands becomes good friends with your husband. It's like a match made in heaven <3 We LOVED getting to hang out with my sweet friend Julie and her husband Brian. We'd go to breakfast together, hang out at the pool together, read Jen Hatmaker books together while the guys hung out in the pool, we'd have dinner together and get our before bedtime camomile tea together.

Seriously. DREAM VACATION. Just enough alone time for Andrew and I as a couple to recharge, but also enough time for us to build lasting relationships with our friends and recharge that way too.

I'm already looking forward to our trip next year 
to the 
Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana 

and of course I cannot wait to be reunited again with all our Beachbody family in Nashville in July! 

Who wouldn't want to go on all these amazing trips with their best friends FOR FREE?!?

If you want to know more about this business or these trips, or if you are someone who is reading this and just needs some support and encouragement to get healthier, lose weight, or build confidence, let’s talk. 

I also have upcoming support groups for my challengers and can create a one on one support system for you if that’s more your thing. You can contact me through this blog, or you can connect with me on my Facebook page >> Payton Peoples and send me a message.

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