March 2, 2016

Healing - from the inside out

When we started this new year I saw a whole new world of possibilities and vision. Shortly after we celebrated the new year I started getting some crazy symptoms. At first it was like, "hum.. that's weird.." then it turned into "ok, that's not normal" and then it became a whole episode of medical mysteries with bills QUICKLY entering the THOUSANDS after multiple doctors kept running tests after tests after tests to try and find out what was going on.

I've been through GYN, ER, Holistic, PCP - and the common theme between all of them is "this doesn't make sense"

and they're right - it doesn't.

They have tested, scanned and biopsied almost my entire body. By looking at the results you'd think, "Wow! You're perfectly normal!" but one look at me and my list of symptoms and you know something is incredibly wrong.

My last update shared that we'd be trying a holistic approach with adding in additional supplements plus my Shakeology to try and get my body back to a more functional level. While I did start to feel a difference in my energy levels, another symptom became drastically worse.

At first we thought it was a reaction to something, but after doing some back tracking it really started about two months ago and it's just started to become worse with time. 100% coincidence. The newest addition to my list of symptoms is CIU - chronic idiopathic urticaria. Fancy name for hives that come and go, multiple times a day and are severe.

My options here are to take steroids every single day, multiple times a day which I am 100% unwilling to do. Steroids make me feel CRAZY and send my body into some weird menopausal hell. No thank you.

Second option is to take Benadryl, as needed, when I start having an attack. This has been the route I've decided on. With the understanding that it ZAPS all energy I have and I will pass out the second I have the chance.

I stopped all the additional supplements to see if any of them we're possibly causing the flair ups to worsen, but nothing seemed to help. Clearly it wasn't any of those.

CIU means that hives happen all the time and they don't know why. Yay me!

CIU typically goes hand in hand with Autoimmune issues, which is now where all our cards are falling. Issues expanding from my liver, spleen, thyroid, GI and even respiratory. 

The "fix" isn't a pill or medication. The "fix" is HARD CORE eliminations for nutrition, MAJOR supplements and staying away from pretty much EVERYTHING that isn't cooked in my own home. Think Whole30 {which we did last year} on steroids.

This is to basically put my entire body through a really intense cleanse for an extended period of time to get rid of the major amounts toxins from years {my entire life} of issues we were not aware of. This is what happens. 

Autoimmune can start as a virus when you're young {like in my case} that can lay dormant for YEARS. It can cause issues that don't seem serious at the time {in my case unexplained weight gain} but start to compound with other issues. Then suddenly one day you have a list of issues a mile long and no "reason" for them. Slapping a "name" on it doesn't really make it any better, because no matter WHAT the cause, the answer is ALWAYS going to be the same.


Since we already have a vacation planned next week that it will be almost impossible to stay compliant to something like what my new normal will look like, we're on schedule to overhaul EVERYTHING when we get back.

Until then, I'm anxious to see how all of these changes with food and supplements can really start to heal my body from the inside out!

Our plan :: Starting Monday, March 21st >> 

Whole30 with some adjustments. Hard focus on - berries {blueberries, raspberries, cranberries}, vegetables {celery, sprouts, asparagus, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers}, herbs {cilantro, parsley}, fruits {papayas, apricots, pomegranates, grapefruit, bananas & red apples} and other goodnesses like coconut oil, garlic & ginger PLUS Shakeology with added supplements specifically put together for my symptoms.

In addition we're starting a new program together called 22 Minute Hard Corps which is a 60 day Military style bootcamp program that is only 22 minutes a day. We will do it from home in our living room or garage and stay committed. We will be hosting a challenge group specifically with anyone else {no coaches or anyone outside of Team RenewMe} ready to make the commitment with us. Hardcore accountability at it's finest.

If you want to apply for that group and reserve your spot click here --> #GetSome 

** Note - this is NOT a post to treat or diagnose anyone. This is also not in place to say I'm not dealing with SERIOUS medical issues - because I am. It turns out that specifically what I'm dealing with can't be treated by your typical "take this pill and feel better" method. Although that would be MUCH easier than what I'm about to go through **

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  1. Praying that the non-steroidal route will grant quicker/longer lasting results and maybe stop the crazy reactions without having to quote drug up!


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