January 18, 2016

THE Sports Bra

Ladies, I'm talking to those of you who can't buy a "normal" sports bra. Those of you who have to shop in specialty stores to find your cup sizes. Those of you who have spent CRAZY money trying to find a sports bra that will WORK. Those of you who have searched HIGH and LOW with no success.

This one is for you.

Part of my dream board down the road is to have a breast reduction. Until then, I have to find a way to make my active lifestyle even a possibility when your boobs CONSTANTLY get in the way.

I've tried layering bras, wearing 2-3 different sports bras (none of which actually fit) at once, trying to workout with sports bras that FIT but provided NO support whatsoever - I've tried it ALL. and I've likely spent a portion of our life's savings on bras. It's crazy!

I was in Lane Bryant recently buying my REGULAR, every day bra (which is close to $50 on it's own.. ugh) and decided to look around in the "active" section. I've purchased sports bras from Lane Bryant before and wasn't happy because once again, even though it said my size, it was NO where NEAR close to holding all of this up and in. Obviously, I wasn't very optimistic about this.

Then I noticed a different sports bra than I had purchased before. It was in my size (gasp! most of the time I have to order online to find my cup size because stores don't carry it) and it seemed to be very close to the cup size of my regular bra that I was there to purchase! Could this really be happening!?

I purchased it without even trying it on because I didn't want to be disappointed in the store - so silly. Came home, tried it on and I think I heard the HALLELUJAH chorus. The heavens opened up and there it was - a sports bra that not only FIT, but gave me SUPPORT AND get this - it has ADJUSTABLE STRAPS!!

Ok, I've kept you waiting long enough - You can purchase this bra HERE (select the MOLDED UNDERWIRE SUPPORT BRA) and it's available in sizes 38D-46DDD. It ranges in price depending on the size you need. Look for coupon codes on their website as well!

Here's the official product description - "Designed to run, jump and train, our molded underwire sport bra offers high impact support for game-changing comfort. Convertible straps provide versatile wearing options while molded cups keep your shape during your active day. Bra back closure."

It has 4.5/5 stars with almost 400 reviews. It's that good y'all!

Happy shopping. Happy working out. Happy day for all of us LARGE chested ladies.

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