January 28, 2016


For three months I committed to show up to the gym every single week. I scheduled appointments and I PAID for a personal trainer.

You guys are probably very confused as to why I did this since I'm a Beachbody coach.

Let me explain.

I've NEVER had experience with a trainer. I had ZERO idea how he or she would approach a plus size girl at the gym. I had NO expectations as to how effective or ineffective this would be. My goal was to push myself and give myself some personal experience as to what others are dealing with their health and fitness options. Plus, I wanted to see what it's like to be coached instead of BEING the coach. Bottom line - this was a challenge. and I was accepting it.

For 90 days I committed to showing up for scheduled appointments with my trainer for 30 minutes 2x/week. That's less commitment than I expect from my challengers; however, this was in my FACE. Not on Facebook.

My trainer was great. He definitely pushed me and made me believe in myself MUCH more than I had before. I was the queen of "well, I need to modify this" and he wouldn't let me go there unless he TRULY believed I needed it.

Was it a great experience? Sure.
Was it good for me long term? No.
Did I see any crazy results? No.

I actually experienced a lot of anxiety and panic before I would have my workouts. I was scared to death! Sometimes I would be sore for DAYS.. as in, cannot move without crying and just wanting to stay in bed all day for DAYS. There's a difference in being sore and being debilitated. I was more on the latter.

What did I learn?

I learned to TRUST someone else.
I learned to LISTEN to my body.
I learned to PUSH myself outside of my comfort zone.

With the exception of a few specific things, I was doing almost ALL of the 21 Day Fix workouts. My trainer would say, "Are you sure you've never had a trainer before?" and I would laugh and say, "not in person!" ;)

Here's the nitty gritty -

For what I paid for ($540) I could have purchased FOUR challenge packs (FOUR different programs and FOUR months of Shakeology). Immediately, I can NO LONGER entertain or understand the "I can't afford that, so I'm going to join a gym" excuse I get A LOT. What?? Even my gym membership ($300) means I could have purchased TWO programs and TWO months of Shakeology! Crazy town.

Long story short - it provided NOTHING that my challenge groups don't already provide. Short term, It helped ME see my own potential and it was NICE to be coached and not BE the coach; however, the community of my challenge groups and accountability are much more effective in my opinion.

So, can you workout in the gym with a trainer? Sure.
Can you be in an online challenge group with the same intense, amazing workouts from home? Yes.

You decide.
I've already made my choice.

February challenge group registration is open now --> http://bit.ly/WellnessChallenge


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