December 13, 2015

Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Our daughter has some strange reactions when she eats gluten. It's not a full blown allergy, but it's definitely an intolerance. We know we all feel better when we do our best to stay away from it, so I put together this list of safe snacks.

Kids always want to be munching on something and the typical goldfish, crackers, granola bar type things just don't work around here, so hopefully this list will help you too! I am always looking for (easy and mostly healthy!) gluten-free snacks and I hope this list gives you new ideas! These suggestions don’t have to break the bank either!! Of course, organic is great, but eating traditional fruits and vegetables is better than not eating them simply because they aren’t organic.

Easy/No Mess/On the Go

apple slices
banana chips
apple chips
frozen corn
frozen peas
dried peas {just peas snack}
dried snap pea snack
celery sticks
cucumber sticks
carrots {for the older set}
fresh, season veggies: snap peas, green beans, asparagus
fruit bites
dried apple rings
cheese slices
cheese sticks
ham slices
salami slices
turkey slices
rice chex or corn chex
trail mix: mini marshmallows, raisins, and chex
rice cakes
popcorn {we love buying mini bags of skinny pop}
gluten free pretzels
tortilla chips

Sit Down and Stay Awhile Treats

cherry tomatoes
bowl of plain yogurt with jam or dried fruit
bowl of cottage cheese
bowl of apple sauce
frozen fruit juice popsicle
frozen go-gurt style yogurt
hard boiled egg
pepper slices {we love red, yellow, and green!}
cut pineapple
cut watermelon or cantaloupe or dew melon
avocado slices
carrots/cucumbers/celery with hummus or homemade sour cream dip


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