November 4, 2015

'tis the season to be thankful...

It's November and since the Thanksgiving season is upon us, I thought it only appropriate to share what I am thankful for! A lot of people are doing 30 days of thankfulness or a special #hashtag for their thankful posts {which I love!}, but this year that just didn't seem like "me".

2015 has been a year of major UPs and DOWNs - personal journeys, health issues, finances, medical bills, apraxia progress, business growth, new friendships, job changes, family changes... but at the end of the day, it all comes down to simplicity.

I am thankful for ::

>> My husband. He is without a doubt by biggest supporter and fellow visionary.
>> My kids. They are the reason my feet hit the ground every day.
>> Our life. We have worked hard to make healthy and active living part of our every day life. We want to have our kids grow up healthy and knowing that being active is important. We worked hard to have the freedom with our schedule and finances to travel and do whatever activities we want.

None of this would be the way it is without my journey with Beachbody and for that, I am thankful. Beachbody has helped our family establish healthy rhythms for myself and my husband that will naturally trickle down to our children as well. We make ourselves and our health journeys a priority and we aim to be better than we were the day before. Progress, not perfection. Every day is a new chance to move forward.

We have big goals and dreams for 2016, but for now we are focused on what this year has brought to us personally and for our family. We are thankful for the opportunity that I have to mentor other women through health and fitness and make ourselves a priority in a society that largely supports moms specifically putting everything and everyone before themselves.

My life isn't perfect, but I'm thankful for all I have.


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