November 24, 2015

Family Fresh Green Bean Casserole

Thanksgiving is here and for my family that means GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE!! Yeah, we have turkey and potatoes and gravy... but the REAL star of the show is always the green bean casserole!

A few years ago I found this recipe and over the years have changed it and perfected it so that it truly tastes amazing! This is no canned casserole my friends.. this is the real deal - homemade from start to finish. It's quick & easy and you can prepare it the day before and bake it the day of which becomes a huge time saver!

This year we're having Thanksgiving x3 and I made this once already for our first Thanksgiving celebration. I'll make it again today for Thanksgiving #2 that we're hosting as well. It's that good people! After I shared this on my Facebook page I had a lot of questions and messages about how I make it, what's the recipe, etc. So, here you go my friends!

That link will take you to the printable recipe so you can save it and use for your family for years to come! I hope you enjoy this as much as my family & friends have!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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