September 29, 2015

Shopping Superpower

I posted this on my Facebook yesterday and I immediately got comment after comment asking me to share my recipes and shopping lists. I always get a good laugh at those because I don't ever feel like I'm doing anything "special" but I have found that meal planning isn't something everyone is strong in.

Let's take this week for instance --

I knew I had 4 out of the 6 days that I needed to shop for. {I shop paycheck to paycheck and we get paid weekly}

That means we need at least 4 meals because there are bound to be leftovers to eat one night.

I immediately go to Pinterest for inspiration or in this case, I used an episode of the Pioneer Woman I had recently watched as inspiration for this week.

Monday - Cobb Salads
Tuesday - Chicken and Rice Soup
Wednesday - Skillet Chicken Lasagna
Thursday - {{BIRTHDAY}} <-- going out for my sons birthday
Friday - leftovers
Saturday - Birthday celebration with family

I keep staple items on hand at ALL TIMES in the house. So, when I make a batch of Fixate tomato sauce, I freeze what we don't immediately use and keep it for another time. I always have spices, broths, rice/grains/pasta, oils {olive, coconut} etc on hand.

I knew I needed to buy --

Romaine & Bibb lettuce
(3) Organic Chicken Breast Packs
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Bell Pepper
Fresh Thyme
multiple cheeses

That took care of what I was missing from each recipe. Then I needed a few things for the kids for the week, a few breakfast items for the kids and fruits for my Shakeology and a few things for lunches for the kids.

That kept me right at $70 for the week.

Recipes are in line with whole foods, cooking at home, clean eating and giving us a variety so we aren't bored with our choices <-- all a win in my book.

Not only will these meals provide lunches for us during the week but we'll also have leftovers for Friday. This is where portion control plays a role. As long as you're eating the correct portions, you can make these recipes and it feed you for more than just one meal.

When you gain control of your kitchen, you will gain control of your life.


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