September 10, 2015

Goal Outfit

What is the ultimate motivation to reach your goal? Well, for me it's a cute outfit in sizes you have only dreamed of returning to again.

As a woman who has struggled with weight her entire life, it's hard to remember a time when I wasn't shopping in the plus size section. Even in elementary and middle school! But, I'm serious about my goals for the end of the year and I want to be able to fit into these sizes when we ring in the new year.

These are sizes I haven't worn since High School. AH! Crazy. Scary. Intimidating. Motivating.

I found a pair of cute skinny jeans in the woman's (not woman's plus.. just the woman's section!) at Target and found this amazing v-neck shirt from a local boutique.

My goal is to hang these in my room so I see them every day. So when I'm laying in bed fighting the urge to sleep or get up and workout, these are staring at me. It's the ultimate motivator!

I am excited to see what all I can accomplish in the next 12-16 weeks. Holidays are coming, of course.. so there will be grace, but I want to be able to wear these clothes in these sizes and end the year HAPPY knowing that in 2015 I was able to --

THINK positively
EAT healthy
WORK hard
STAY strong
WORRY less
DANCE more
LOVE often
BE happy

Will you be able to do the same? Do you want a goal outfit challenge too? 

It's time for some serious #ThrowbackThursday - can't wait for these photos!


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