September 8, 2015

Exciting Life Updates #ALLIN

When I say I'm busy, I mean it. Here is what a normal day looks like for me ::

Wake up when it's still dark outside
Make coffee
Spend 2 hours doing work for a Public Relations firm out of NYC
Get the kids stuff prepped and ready for breakfast and school
Get dressed
Get the kids up and fed
Make my Shakeology
Drive to preschool and/or speech therapy

At this point it's only 9am. This is just my morning schedule every single day Monday-Friday.

I've made some major sacrifices this year so that I can still be a full time stay at home mom, a full time wife, a business owner, health and fitness coach and part-time PR employee. It has usually come down to the fact that I've put myself last because there's just not enough hours in the day. Because since that's just my before 9am schedule, I have a PACKED list of things that keep me busy the rest of the day, every day.

After some serious conversation and praying about how scared I would be to NOT have that extra job, we decided that it's time to have the faith of a mustard seed and move the mountain.

I'm so excited to say that because we're taking a leap of faith and because Beachbody has created such powerful change in our lives, I can now leave my other job!!!! I put in my notice last week and it was such a powerful and moving moment for me.

Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes because this is NOT something that we ever envisioned or imagined for our family. I always felt like I would have this crazy schedule, but God has called us to be obedient to his calling for our life and that means getting rid of what is causing chaos.

We know that God will honor his promises to us and that to whom much is given, much is required. In NO way does this mean that I suddenly have all of this freedom. NO WAY. In fact, it's practically just the opposite.

What it does mean is that I'm able to focus on what matters most - which is myself and my family. It does mean that now I'll be able to spend more time with what God has truly called me to, which is my passion for helping women awaken radical change in their life through Beachbody.

I am so thankful for the opportunities my family has been given and I am THRILLED to wholeheartedly be able to be #ALLIN for the first time starting on September 21st!!

This is just the BEGINNING of the radical change that is going to be taking place in our lives and in the lives of all the women who have trusted us with this experience too.

Faith of a mustard seed. All things are possible.

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  1. That's so great! I'm so happy for you!! You are such an amazing woman and so inspirational!


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