September 8, 2015

Can large chested women get a good sports bra too??

I don't think it's any secret that being a large chested woman makes working out VERY difficult. I've been looking for the RIGHT sports bra for what seems like forever and I've spent A LOT of money trying out all the ones that were suggested.

Let's just be clear - if you're still in the D cup range (even up to DDD) there are a lot of wonderful options for you out there. Many of the ones I purchased that came highly recommended would be amazing for you! BUT, I'm specifically talking to the women out there who are an F cup or larger.

Dealing with those cup sizes specifically seems to bring about all kinds of turmoil. It's almost as though bra makers say, "Oh! If they are larger than a DD/DDD, there's no way they would ever want to workout"

Well, bra makers, you'd be wrong.

What I do KNOW is that when you get into the F+ range, there's no way you'll get away with wearing one sports bra. It just won't give you the full coverage support that you need. Especially for any type of cardio.

That's why I was SO excited to FINALLY find TWO bras that FIT, give the support you need and don't make you feel like you're dying. I'm able to run in these with no pain and still feel secure.

Women's Plus Size Active Medium Impact Sports Bra from Land's End

High Support Sports Bra from Old Navy - Women's Plus

Depending on your size you can adjust as needed but here's what I've found to be true:
1. Land's End runs about a size small
2. Old Navy runs TTS for this style sports bra
3. Wear the LE bra first and the ON bra over that

I'm not a spokesperson from either of these companies and I'm not getting a kickback for mentioning these. I'm truly just a woman who was sick of spending TONS of money on bras that NEVER fit or never came close to giving the support we need as large chested women!

I hope this is helpful for you and that you'll share this with your friends & family who may need this information too :)

Happy shopping & happy exercising!

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