September 8, 2015

All time favorite Shakeology

I'm a BUSY mom. My kids are go-go-go from the second they wake up until the second they go to bed. I don't have the luxury {or time} to spend a lot of time getting ready in the mornings, which includes making any kind of breakfast.

This is just ONE of the reasons I LOVE Shakeology so much. I can literally throw this all into my Ninja Blender and in less than 60 seconds start to finish, my breakfast is done and I can grab it and GO.

I prefer to drink the Vegan Tropical Strawberry because my body likes that there's no dairy involved. But if you aren't effected by dairy, this recipe will work with the regular Strawberry Shakeology as well.

21 Day Fixers - this counts as 2-3 purples (depending on how big your banana is) and 1 red. Get your protein to help you stay full in the morning and your fruit for the day! It literally tastes like fruit candy liquified.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! This is my every single day recipe - especially in the spring and summer months.


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