July 16, 2015


Seven years ago when I was in college, I went to a local tattoo place in my college town and got a tattoo that is still special to me. I wanted something that would be a daily reminder to stay true to what I believe - to love God & love people.

I always thought when I got that tattoo that I was one and done. I never really caught the "bug" for more tattoos like most people. But, recently I've thought a lot about getting a new one! but I wanted to make sure I had something that was 100% true to who I am and what I need to be reminded of.

As you all know, renewal is VERY important to me. The whole idea of replacing or repairing something that is worn out, run-down or broken is beautiful to me. Not only does it accurately reflect how God sees us, but it's also how we're called to live. It's the whole purpose and passion behind my personal health and fitness journey and for my business with Beachbody. It's really something that defines my life. To remind me of Romans 12:2 - "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

What many of you may not know is that I struggle with addiction. The mental, emotional and physical addiction to food. My whole life has been a very unhealthy relationship with food. Food triggers the same areas of the brain that drugs do. It's so much more than just "eating bad" it's about the every day decisions that have brought me to this point in my life. The problem with food addiction is that it's just that - an addiction. There's no on/off switch and there's no "fix". It's about learning how to change your habits, implementing that change and walking that path every moment of every day.

Yes, I struggle with other issues like PCOS and Adrenal Fatigue, but that's just my medical diagnosis. The struggle with food is unlike anything else in the world. You can't quit food. You can't decide one day that you're going to go cold turkey. You can't turn this off. You have to pause and remember every moment, of every day, that each moment is a choice. You can either trigger the addiction to be more severe or you can work towards healing.

So I wanted something that was going to help remind me every day to pause and remember that the addiction isn't worth the immediate "fix". To remember that my journey to renewal is more important. That God has called me to walk my walk. That each opportunity to fuel my body is the opportunity to continue my journey, not an end to the sentence. To help me remember to keep going. To help keep me focused. To remember that God is the author of my story and He has called me for bigger and better things than the old habits of my life.

The best way to put all of that together as a daily reminder of where I've come from and why I'm fighting every day to change my life is why I got this tattoo on my arm...

The semi-colon is what reminds me to keep going. To pause. To breathe. To not put a period at the end of my life through my addiction with food. To stay on the course that God has called me to.

The renew is there to remind me to live out my talk. To live out the change I feel so heavily pulled to. To not conform to the patterns of this world or my old life. To be transformed from the inside out.

I'm SO happy with my choice and each part is VERY personal to me and my journey. Its placement is also not by accident as it's placed on my right arm {I'm right handed} and it's placed exactly where I will see it every time I go to make a choice about what to feed myself. Either pulling me closer or farther away from my goal.

If you're ever in Nashville and need/want a tattoo, go to Flash City and see Jason or James. They were both fantastic and have been doing this for FOREVER. <3

I am blessed that I had the opportunity to get this tattoo with my husband & some of my best friends present. My #soulsister Lisa also got her tattoos that have just as powerful of a meaning. So blessed to share in this life moment with her!!

"Tattoos are the stories in your heart, written on your skin."

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