May 13, 2015

Our journey through Whole30

Hi! We're glad you're following us through our journey to help our bodies return to where they always should have been. My name is Payton and I'm the work-at-home mom of two in this picture :) You'll be hearing from me in the blog posts, but we will also have a video series we will film together at the end of each week! My husband is Andrew and he's a full time RN, BSN working with cancer patients.

A little bit about me in case you've just stumbled upon my blog - My story is pretty long. Feel free to click on "Meet Payton" at the top to get more details, but for the sake of transparency, I'm {almost} 28 and I'm a full time online health and fitness coach with Beachbody. In addition to working full time with that, I also work part-time with a Public Relations firm AND I have two kids ages 3.5 and 22 months. I'm busy - not an excuse. If you're a chronic excuse maker, my advice to you is to snap out of it. No one is too busy to take care of themselves. On the flip side, and I speak from experience, no one has too far to go on their journey. You take this one day at a time, one step at a time. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and in 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I'm awaiting lab results to confirm a diagnosis of Hashimoto's as well {type of hypothyroid}. In addition to not making excuses, I don't let any type of diagnosis define me. I'm on a journey and my goal is to be better than I was yesterday. I read It Starts With Food and it literally changed my life. I didn't want to wait one more second to start my Whole30 journey. I started the book on Sunday, finished it on Monday, took Tuesday to plan and we started today - Wednesday :: Day 1!

day one meals

Whole30 is all about helping your body reset itself through hormone balance. It's basically Paleo, and MILES away from anything a typical American would eat throughout their day. You may be looking at my photos of my meals today and think "oh, that looks awesome! Not hard at all!" To that I would say, WRONG. haha but really, we practiced clean eating 80/20 before doing Whole30 so we were already on the healthy/clean eating bandwagon, what is hard is the no carbs/sugar.

Let's chat about sugar for a minute. It's literally in EVERYTHING. Truly grasping what food manufacturers have done to us through chemicals, antibiotics and sugar makes me LIVID. Did you know that sugar is more addictive than drugs? Let that sink in for a minute. Even if you consider yourself a fairly healthy eater, I would venture to say you still have some kind of sugar dependency going on in your body.

The first week is supposed to be the worst. I knew it would be. They call it the "carb flu" because your body is literally detoxing from all the crap that has been in it. Plus you've completely eliminated food groups that it has become solely dependent on. Think of how a drug addict goes through withdrawal - same thing here. So, hello day 1.. withdrawal is in FULL effect.

I was good until around 10:30am. Then I could tell my body was starting to freak out. I had an apple for a snack. Calmed down a bit then the headache started to set in. It has lingered all day. Getting worse as the day as gone on. I'm weak and lightheaded, but not hungry! I'm eating a TON of food and it's keeping me full. It's literally just the withdrawal. This is supposed to be the worst part and Lord, I hope they are right.

My husband has been pretty good - his withdrawal isn't as intense as mine. He also wasn't as dependent on caffeine and carbs like I was! So, naturally this will be easier for him.

Day 1 was a success -- my body is tired though. It's like fighting a full on battle against myself. Makes you seriously reconsider all the crap you "treat" yourself to!

Looking forward to knocking out the next few days to move past this withdrawal/"carb flu" stage. Have I scared you enough yet?! haha Don't be. It's a natural process that you MUST do in order to reset everything that's off balance. It WILL be worth it.

Here's to the next 29 days :)


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  1. I also love this extreme low-carb lifestyle. A couple things that have helped me with the withdrawal/carb-flu is the additional intake of sodium and increasing water intake. Good luck and hope this turns out to be amazing for you!


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