April 3, 2015

Give Yourself Grace

I'm a dreamer. I'm a BIG goal setter. Setting goals and missing them doesn't typically knock me off my course of action. I usually don't get bummed out and derail. EXCEPT when it comes to my fitness journey.

I think because that has been a point of constant concern my ENTIRE life and the horrible things people have said {or things I've found out later that people have said about me behind my back} are burned into my memory and it's like they play on a loop whenever I fail at a health goal.

I set BIG goals for myself this year. HUGE goals for myself personally, for our family, for my business... Everything was really going well and then it hit. Life came barreling towards me like an out of control train. First it was my kids getting sick, then it was me, then it was my kids, then it was me... this HORRIBLE cycle not only has cost us THOUSANDS of dollars {and it's only April.. Yikes!} but it's completely destroyed the goals I had set for myself.

You see, just since January, I personally have battled through three rounds of bronchitis, one 36-hour stomach bug from hell and I was diagnosed with pneumonia about 4/5 weeks ago. I've taken more meds than I know what to do with. I've spent money on every type of homeopathic treatment I could think of. What's funny is almost everything I dealt with was respiratory illness. Which basically means I can't even walk across the room without needing an inhaler or a 30 minute nap to recover because my body is so worn down.

For WEEKS I had bruised ribs from all the constant coughing, I had multiple pulled muscles, I was WEAK and very tired - just loading my two kids into the car would totally drain me... so, working out?!? Yeah right. I'd probably die. and no, I'm not kidding.

I feel like I am FINALLY getting to the point where I'm feeling more ALIVE again. So, here I am, in APRIL ready to recommit. It's finally NICE outside again. I can see and feel the sun. But I also know that I have GOALS. and even though I'm a few months off track it's not too late - THERE'S STILL TIME!! So, I'm not giving up.

>>> I'm giving myself GRACE. <<<

There is absolutely NOTHING I could have done to change what I had to go through. There was nothing else I could have done to keep my kids from constantly getting sick over and over again. I did EVERYTHING I could for EVERYONE. It is what it is. But, I can't let that linger anymore. I KNOW I can commit again {even if I do need to keep my inhaler close now}.

I'm EXCITED to jump into 21 Day Fix Extreme on Monday with my challenge group. These women are powerful and motivated and I'm READY to run this race with them. It's never been about me leading the group or being a cheerleader... I need this as much as the next guy! We all do this together. One day at a time.

Grace. I'm thankful for it. Especially this weekend as we remember that Sunday is coming <3 God is good.

Give yourself grace. See what you can learn from the situations you've been dealt. Then get to work.

I'm always here when you're ready.

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