January 27, 2015

Review :: ezpz / all-in-one silicone plates & placemats

A few months ago I found myself at my whits-end with my children and meal time. At 3 years old and 15'ish months old, I was constantly finding plates on the floor with food everywhere... it was just a CONSTANT battle. I went to Facebook {naturally} for some reassurance that I was not the only mother in the world dealing with this insanity. Thankfully, I wasn't ;) But what I love about social media is the power of references. Man, word of mouth is something else.. but when social media gets involved! WATCH OUT!

I had a lot of moms chime in on my Facebook page and let me know I definitely wasn't alone, but what's more interesting is that we all wanted something. We were all looking for a placemat that could withstand the insanity of meal time with children and wouldn't get thrown around! and wouldn't you know that a mom mentioned that a product like that existed, it just wasn't available yet. GAH! So, I {impatiently} waited, but went ahead and ordered through their Kickstarter program.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Moms & Dads - I give you the ezpz all-in-one silicone placemat.

I think I heard the hallelujah chorus when I found them online after the mom mentioned them on my Facebook thread. For real. I had been looking for something like this for FOREVER! I was so excited that I was going to be able to finally have an end to meal time craziness.

We received our mats right before Christmas and we were excited to try them out on Christmas morning. The kids had their {traditional} homemade blueberry lemon breakfast cake on them. We didn't want to get too crazy with yogurt or fresh fruit... wanted something easy to clean up if these bad boys went flying. But, good news! They didn't move an inch. The kids loved that they had their own "mat" and that they each have their own color.

We've used these every single day for the last month. They have gone through hand-washing, the dishwasher, stabbed with utensils, traveled to grandma's house, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack - you name it. We purposefully did it that way so we could give you a 100% honest review of how they are holding up for our kids. I'm proud to say that we could not be happier with these. Absolutely no issues with losing suction to the table, super easy to clean, can handle any temperature for food.. seriously, no complaints.

Check out this video that shows you them in action with the creators family -->

We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase and excited that we were able to participate in helping a new "mom and pop" company get their product launched. You can read more details about the mats and how you can get one on their website: http://ezpzfun.com/


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