November 14, 2014

Beachbody Coaches - How to use the Team Beachbody App!

Coaches! Did you know that there is an "app" from Beachbody that will simplify your business BIG TIME?! Apparently this is one of the best kept secrets and I'll be honest.. I would be LOST without this resource. I use it CONSTANTLY.

Note - THIS IS THE ONLY WAY I HAVE CUSTOMERS PURCHASE ANYTHING OR SIGN UP NEW COACHES. <-- yes, I did just yell that ;) It's that important!

1. No, you don't need their credit card information
2. All you need is their email address!
3. Yes, it's that simple
4. It's YOU as the coach doing the leg work and the customer/new coach getting a link to check out
5. You're welcome :)

Can't watch a video? Here's a step by step screen shot for you to follow (shout out to fellow Diamond coach Alexis for making this super simple to follow along with!) -

Step one! Go to your mobile browser and type in "tbb mobile app"... Select what comes up above!
Download to your phone by clicking this button (iPhone/iPad)
Save to your home screen for easy access
Log in!

Enroll new customer or new coach! Tip if customer already has a bb account it will give you an error and tell you! Perfect for those customers who don't know they have an account and they wind up ordering under someone else! Problem solved!!!!!

New coach! You can enroll a customer as a new coach no matter who they are under... Just FYI!

You need an email address to begin with!!!!

Once email is entered... This next page will appear! Enter the info!

Next page is where you order! It automatically takes you to a challenge pack but you can see at the bottom... "Skip challenge pack purchase" and you can go to products or Shakeology alone!

Pick your fitness program!

Pick your Shakeology flavor!

Order submission! Click submit and it sends them an email!

To check your orders click status button

I hope this helps streamline your business and make it easier and hassle free for both YOU and your customers/team!! Share this with your teams <3

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