October 12, 2014

3-Day Refresh: Day 1

I have been wanting to try the 3-Day Refresh ever since it launched earlier this past summer! Problem was, I never found a "good" time to do it! Finally I was faced with my best friends wedding approaching (and I'm the Matron of Honor) so I figured, "what the heck! Let's do it now!" So, I sat down with my program guide and got my meal planning done, got the shopping done and went to bed last night ready to rock it out today!

First part of my day was my morning Shakeology! I always drink my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology and today I had it with banana and cinnamon. So far, so good :)

Not too long after breakfast it was time for tea! You're able to have 8oz of green tea sweetened with stevia (if you want). Yum!

Then came the moment I had been dreading. This right here might have been one of the reasons I held off from doing this for so long! I'd heard horror stories from other people about this part. Now, I'll be honest - the taste of this isn't that bad! You mix the fiber sweep packet with 8oz of water and then CHUG. It has a citrus/lemon-lime flavor. The hard part for me was the texture! This is one of those hold your nose and chug deals. You only have to do it once a day and it's for a good reason! You need to sweep your digestive track and get the bad stuff out and help the good stuff stay. Not terrible, but I'm glad this is only once a day.

Then it was LUNCH time! That means it's time to pick from your veggies and healthy fats list. I picked to have 1 small red bell pepper and avocado. Along with the food you drink a vanilla fresh shake mixed with a fruit. I chose banana and cinnamon (spices are free!) and it tasted like banana pudding. Not a bad lunch!

Then a couple hours later it was time for a snack! Again you choose a veggie and healthy fat. I chose to have celery sticks with hummus. I also had a cup of green tea with ginger and lemon.

In between snack time and dinner time we went to a family friend's birthday party. Lots of goodies everywhere, but I stayed strong! I brought my bottle of water with me and sipped on that. If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right - No cheating! I was definitely ready for dinner though. I chose from the list of dinner recipes and I decided to have Lemon Green Beans which were quick, easy and REALLY good! It's optional to have 1 cup of organic vegetable broth with your dinners and I'm choosing to have that with my dinner every night. I put chili flakes, sea salt and fresh basil in my broth. You have another Vanilla Fresh shake with dinner and I chose strawberries as my fruit option with my shake.

I'm finishing the day with the optional 8oz of green tea. I have a habit of snacking at night (good or bad snacks.. doesn't matter.. but the habit is there!) so I knew having the tea at night would be helpful for me.

Recap of day 1 - Overall it was good! I didn't feel as though I was hungry until right before dinner. Now that it's getting closer to bedtime I'm starting to feel hungry again but I'll drink more water before bed time and then tomorrow we will start this all over again! It's basically the same thing tomorrow and the next day. I will just switch up my dinners. Tomorrow for dinner I will have veggie stirfry and then the last day I will have cucumbers and onions. Each night will have broth as well.

As of now I've already lost 1lb so I'm happy with that! This is a GREAT option for anyone looking for a good cleanse or needing to drop a few pounds in a HEALTHY way. I'm looking forward to the final results when I wake up on Wednesday morning!

Have you been wanting to try the 3-Day Refresh? Are you looking for a good cleanse? Post below or contact me! I'd love to help answer any questions you may have!

Stay tuned for the final results and wrap up recap coming soon....


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