September 15, 2014

Our Financial Journey with Beachbody

God has a funny way of snapping you back into reality - Amen?? A year ago I never imagined we would be where we are today.

Know our intentions are to INSPIRE and open the eyes of people who feel trapped like we once did. If you are offended by talking money, no hard feelings... keep scrolling :)

Three years ago I quit my corporate America job to be a stay at home mom. We started our journey as a family of three living on one income strictly from my husband. We had a strict budget, Andrew worked a lot of overtime, I couponed, we rarely ate out, we pinched our pennies to make sure we could make ends meet. Then we were blessed with another little one on the way. We thought we were pinching pennies with ONE baby.. now we had TWO. I knew I wanted to begin my own health and fitness journey, but where would the money come from??

We were 26 & 28 with one income, two kids and LOTS of debt. The Beachbody opportunity was presented to me and I KNEW I wanted in, but no idea how I would pay for it. I broke it down and realized it's $4/day. I knew I could move around money in our budget to make it work, so that's exactly what I did. I eliminated my breakfast food budget since I knew Shakeology would replace that meal and made it work. I knew this was the ticket to my own health and fitness journey.

What I didn't know was how this opportunity would financially impact our family. When I say this is LIFE CHANGING, I mean every bit of that. Please know that I'm sharing this information not to offend or gloat, but to INSPIRE others who may feel trapped like we did. Who may feel desperate and wondering how you'll pay for a certain expense coming up.

I decided to take the plunge into Beachbody coaching just eight months ago. I saw the success my upline was having and I knew it would take HARD WORK. I knew that I would have to pay now so that I can play later. Just eight months in and the financial impact Beachbody has had on our family is undeniable. I am not a certified trainer, I am not a nutritionist, I didn't spend thousands of dollars launching a start up with ground breaking interactive websites, etc. I simply live my life and share it. BOOM.

Here is a transparent view of our financial journey with Beachbody:

- Joined in January 2014 and by the end of the month I had made enough to cover my personal Shakeology costs plus pay for a date night for Andrew and I

- By month 3, I was able to pay for my Shakeology and groceries for our family of 4
- By month 5, I was able to pay for my Shakeology, our car payment and our car insurance
- Currently I'm in my 8th month of coaching and I'm able to cover my Shakeology costs, our mortgage payment, car payment and car insurance

They say to give this business a year.. a full 12 months.. and you'll be blown away at where it takes you. I'm incredibly excited to see where the rest of this year takes us. We have been dealt a difficult hand this year and having this income coming in to cover these bills has made it possible for us to provide our son with the incredibly expensive speech therapy he needs, preschool for him and surgery for our daughter. You never know when those unexpected bills are going to pop up and Beachbody has provided us the vehicle to not only help our personal health and fitness, but our financial future as a family as well.

We do not share to boast or claim any of this on my own... We share because we feel we have an OBLIGATION to free someone from the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck or drowning in debt.
Our team is solid. Our team offers solid training and support. We thrive off helping others succeed. We don't know who will be the next wave of coaches we mentor... but we know you are out there reading this! I sat there reading a similar post just a few months ago... its all up to you!
For more details, apply here and we will see if this is the right fit:
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