June 10, 2014

Homemade Grilled Chicken Gyros

Meal prep is a big deal in this house. Like many families we're on a budget and I plan out our meals for every night of the week. That way there's no "ugh, what's for dinner??" or "I don't feel like figuring out dinner tonight.. lets go out!" <-- ok, that last one still happens some times BUT it would happen much more frequently if I didn't plan our meals! So, one of the nights this week was scheduled for Greek night! YUM. We love gyros, veggie grape leaves, hummus.. it's all good! My meal plan for our Greek night was going to be grilled chicken gyros with homemade taziki sauce. I posted this picture on Facebook and instagram and everything BLEW UP! Wanna know why? Cause this stuff is the bomb.com

Greek night was schedule for Tuesday night (tonight) so I started our prep on Sunday night. I made my homemade taziki sauce by following this recipe. It makes a TON and mine came out a little thin. Make sure and let your cucumbers sit for a long time! They need to drain really well. I also started marinating our chicken breasts. I marinate our chicken in italian dressing. I buy whatever is affordable but isn't packed full of additives and preservatives. Take the extra minute while your shopping to compare the ingredient lists on the labels on the dressing aisle. You'll be stunned. I marinate our chicken for 24 hours. We grilled up all our chicken on Monday night so all we had to do is heat up dinner tonight and put everything together!

I posted this photo on Facebook and Instagram again and BOOM.. blowing up again! Well, it's completely justified because this was like heaven in my mouth. This immediately became a staple in our house. We will probably have these every week! Easy ingredients, easy prep, healthy and GOOD. Oh, so good.

This is the naan bread we used and holy moly it's DELISH! And you want to know what's even better???

THERE'S NO ADDED CRAP!!! Yay!! We found this heavenly stuff at Publix in the deli.

So - garlic naan bread, marinated grilled chicken, homemade taziki sauce, lettuce, red onion and tomatoes (optional.. I hate fresh tomatoes so I skip that). Healthy, clean, YUMMY chicken gyros for dinner! And if you prep before hand you can throw these together in 5-10 minutes.

QUICK, EASY, YUMMY. That's all you need in your life :)


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