March 15, 2014

What is "Clean Eating"?

Apart of my journey has been changing how we approach food. My husband and I used to be fast food, soda, sugar, junk food addicts. We'd write it off because we did like healthy foods and would eat them a good amount of the time. But, the addiction to the crap food was still there.

I decided if we were going to be successful on our journey that we would switch to eating clean. Let me go ahead and say this, clean eating is not a diet. It's not something where you can't have certain foods or you can only eat XYZ on certain days. It is an overhaul of how you approach food. I'm visual so photos help me...

So basically... EAT REAL FOOD. We focus on eating balanced meals that are homemade and don't have a bunch of ingredients in them. Lots of fresh produce - fruits and veggies, making sure our meat portions are within the normal limits (which is probably much less than what you think of as normal). The hardest part for me? Cutting back on white foods - white flour tortillas, white breads, etc. That stuff is crazy addicting y'all!

I love having my daily Shakeology because not only does it help me stay on track and curb my junk food cravings but it's an incredible dense dose of the nutrition your body needs. It's incredible how your body reacts when you're fueling it with superfoods! Shakeology = major win.

We try to eat 5-6x a day, drink lots of water, have our Shakeology and stay away from CRAP foods.

The best part is the goal is 80/20 - which means 80% of the time we follow this clean eating plan and 20% of the time we indulge! So when my husband had his birthday earlier this week, we had some ice cream cake without feeling like we "cheated".

If you'd like to learn more and figure out how to implement this into your daily routine, get in touch with me! I'd love to help you make this your daily food journey too.

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