March 7, 2014

#RenewMe - My journey to the best me

I can be defined by many things - Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend, SAHM, having two kids 20m apart, Aunt, Cousin... I could go on and on. As the years have gone by that list that I can be defined by has also grown. What hasn't changed is how I feel about myself.

I've always had body issues, been told by doctors that I'll never be healthy (despite all tests saying otherwise), been treated as though there MUST be something wrong with me because of a number on a scale. One day in 2013 I realized how miserable I was being made to feel that I wasn't good enough and honestly, knowing that I could be better.

I am happily married, I have two amazing kids.. but I knew that if I didn't make some serious changes that those people that I care so deeply for and those that depend on me every day would be let down or worse. It was time that some changes were made.

This began my #RenewMe journey! I started with running - something I never thought I would do or enjoy but knew I always wanted to be able to say I did it. I started training with the couch to 5k program 8 weeks after my c-section from my daughter. 8 weeks later I ran my first 5k! I was amazed at my progress and with my own determination.

I relapsed into my old habits as the holidays came and went and that only left me feeling gross, upset and guilty. I contacted an old friend from college who was hosting an online fitness group because I knew I needed others to keep me accountable and motivated. This is where my transformation truly began.

I started drinking Shakeology everyday and I began working out with Shaun T's Rockin' Body program. In my first month I lost almost 14lbs! I felt amazing and I knew I was on the right path towards changing my life forever. I became a Beachbody coach so that I could help other people make the amazing changes in their lives that I had made in mine. We can run hand in hand as we reach our goals together! It's always more fun to do a journey like this with someone else, so I make it my mission to find as many people as possible to bring along with me!

Start of January Challenge Group
Chocolate Banana Foster Shakeology 
Finished my first challenge group!
My #RenewMe journey extends outside of health and fitness and into our spiritual and financial lives as well. Personal development in all areas of our lives are incredibly important. Becoming healthy mentally, physically, spiritually and financially is of upmost importance. Making all of these changes so we can lead by example as we raise our children - it's our mission as parents. We want to end the trend of obesity, unnecessary debt, low self esteem and feeling distant from God.

I'd love it if you'd join me on this journey! If I haven't made it clear already, here it is laid out in black and white... This is NOT a quick fix, magic pill, magic wrap, etc.. This is hard work - eating right and working out. Putting in the work and seeing the results! Fueling your body with the best nutrients and treating it as your temple. The best of the best! Does this mean you can never slip up? No way! No one is perfect! But it does mean that all the crap that we're surrounded by every day as we drive down the street will have to be pushed to the side where it belongs. Make yourself a priority! Do this for you! YOU DESERVE IT!

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