February 4, 2016


I found out a couple of days ago that I've been personally selected to participate in an exclusive, closed group for one of the celebrity trainers in an online challenge group.
Seriously, what an INCREDIBLE opportunity!! I am SO EXCITED!!!
Some of you have been trying to guess who I'm working with and what program we will be using and I'm THRILLED to announce.......

During the month of February I will be working with Shaun T and using CIZE as part of an exclusive, invite only, private online CHALLENGE GROUP with Shaun!!! #dreamboard

To say this is coming at the PERFECT time is an understatement. After everything 2016 has already thrown my way, this was a WELCOMED BLESSING and EXACTLY what I needed to kick start back into my routine!
What is even more fun is this group starts on Monday, February 8th and MY challenge group that I will be hosting starts on Monday, February 15th! That means I will be exactly one week ahead of my own challengers AND that means I will have TONS of great tid-bits, examples, motivation, etc to SHARE with you guys STRAIGHT FROM SHAUN!!
Of course, the BEST part is that CIZE + Shakeology {what you need to participate in the challenge group} is on SALE this month. So, not only will you get an AWESOME dance program with Shaun, me as your coach, exclusive insiders from my challenge with him, 30 days of Shakeology AND an incredible group of women to stay accountable with all month - you'll be SAVING money too!! #nobrainer
Check out this short video of some of my sneak peeks from my CIZE experience in 2015! 
What I LOVE about CIZE is ANYONE can do this program. Any size, any fitness or dance level, any amount of available space - NO EXCUSES for this program!! ANYONE can do this!! Clearly you can see in my video, I did it in limited space in my bedroom and with more open space in my living room. It's LOW impact so if you need modifications, it's EASY to do!

Registration for my CIZE challenge is OPEN NOW through February 10th and I only have EIGHT spaces available! Crazy 8s is the routine we start with and we will be crazy 8 in our tight-knit CIZE community :) These spaces WILL fill up FAST, so if you're ready to DO THIS with me apply here.

*RequirementsThis group will be for NEW customers only - no coaches. It will be a safe place for motivation and accountability for your health & wellness journey. There will be daily check-ins, workout tips, nutrition advice, motivation and prizes! Each challenger agrees to a customized fitness program and nutrition plan that is pinpointed according to your goals. The fitness program will be CIZE with your choice of flavor for Shakeology. You understand that reaching your health & fitness goals requires hard work and self-discipline. When you believe you can reach your goals, apply using the link above!


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