June 1, 2015

{{FIXATE}} Cookbook by Autumn Calabrese -- COMING SOON

A little over a year ago a brand new fitness program came out called the 21 Day Fix. No one really knew what to expect. It ended up taking the fitness world by storm and THOUSANDS of people have completely changed their lives because of that program.

Fast forward to earlier this year, Autumn did it again but upped the bar. Beachbody released 21 Day Fix Extreme for people who had graduated from the 21 Day Fix and needed something a little more intense. Again, people flocked to the program and it completely changed the way we think about nutrition and fitness on a day to day bases.

Now, the missing link to what EVERYONE always asks about -- RECIPES!! A huge portion of the fix programs is the color coded, portion control containers. You can pretty much make any food "fix approved" but it takes a lot of research and prep ahead of time. People have been asking for over a year now for a collection of recipes that have all the containers listed so you don't have to guess... and guess what....


Fixate is a cookbook by Autumn Calabrese and it's all about making sure what you're eating is fixed approved, shows you all the containers for each serving and all the nutritional information so if you're not following the fix plan specifically but you're counting calories or something else, you can have all the information you need. There's even special sections for vegan/vegetarian, paleo and gluten free! Check out this video that helps show you all the amazing details they've put into this cookbook --->

If you want to get all the latest information on when this will be available for purchase through me, click here and make me your coach {it's FREE - click on join} and then fill out this form
--> http://bit.ly/Fixate

The Fixate Cookbook will be available exclusively through my website in mid-July and will not be released to the public until August. This is why you need to make sure and get on the waiting list by following those instructions below! Don't miss your chance to get this incredible new cookbook coming your way!!

{{This will be available for $20 plus tax and s&h or ask me how you can get it for 25% off!}}

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