April 7, 2015

My first year as a Beachbody coach --- ahhhhh!!!

I was doing some thinking this morning and looking over our finances... then it HIT me like a ton of bricks.


{{clearly not, since it's taken me months to see it....}}

I sat in awe for a little while.. then I was in shock... then I cried... then I was jumping for joy. I can't believe I had been so focused on my other goals that I had COMPLETELY looked pass this one!

I've been a Beachbody coach for almost 16 months.. but what's funny is I technically hit this goal about two months ago! But I never looked at my goals to really realize what was happening!!

So... drumroll please..........

AHHHHHHHHH --- YES!!! That just happened!!! {{MIND BLOWN}}

I am so proud to say that in just over one year of Beachbody coaching I matched my previous corporate salary. HERE is why this is such a big deal to me -- I worked HARD since I was 15 at jobs that weren't typical for people my age. Radio and TV aren't your typical fields of expertise when you're 15-24 ;) But that was my life! It was a HUGE decision when we decided to start a family that I would QUIT my job and be a stay-at-home-mom.

I knew what that would mean for me... that I would likely never return to corporate America again because who would want to hire a mom who has been out of the workforce for 8+ years while she was raising her babies?! I was convinced I would be the next hourly paid school secretary or something very part-time once my kids were old enough. I had come to terms with the fact that I would never REALLY be able to financially provide for our family again.

Then here comes Beachbody... changing our lives every single day. So, not only was everything I previously believed about myself being thrown out the window, but THIS is just the beginning of an amazing, HUGE, life changing journey for us and our kids. And I'm able to do all of this from home, with my kids and never miss a moment of what they need from me.

It truly sounds like a DREAM.. but it's not.. this is REAL LIFE for us!

If this is something that you want to look into more or get more information about, PLEASE let me know. I host groups every couple of weeks that give you a sneak peek into what I do and what my job is. I'm pretty much the most open/honest person there is because I was the biggest skeptic! I know now that there's nothing to fear... this is exactly where God put me for SO many reasons.

Thankful!!! Sooooo so thankful. Can't wait to help MORE women do exactly what we've done. Awakening Radical Change <3

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