February 18, 2015

"Just give it 12 months and see what happens..."

Those words may be one of the most powerful sentences ever spoken to me. One year ago I made a decision to just see what this coaching opportunity was about. I knew I loved the products, I knew I wholeheartedly believed in them and hey.. if anything I knew I could get a really sweet 25% discount on the products I was already using.. but I knew in my gut there was something more going on. This was what God had intended me to be used for. I just didn't know any details. I trusted that feeling though. And man, I am SO glad I did.

"We all have ideas that cross our minds. But this is much deeper, wilder. It doesn't feel like we have a choice but rather we have been chosen. Someone is calling our name deep inside, and ignoring that voice is almost impossible."

"There is always enough time in our day to do God's will. If that dream in your heart really is from him and his timing is now, then somewhere in your schedule there's a space to make it happen. Hard? Always. But so is living with regret."

I'm a researcher by nature. I want to know all the answers to every question I can think of before I make a decision. Especially if that decision involves any kind of financial commitment. So, before I made the plunge in January of 2014, I did my research. I knew that all the "successful" coaches said to give this business a year and that I'd be blown away at what a difference that year makes for us. What I didn't know is how incredibly true that statement is.

One of the most popular posts on my blog is the recap of my first eight months of coaching. I talked about how Beachbody had financially impacted our family in ways we never expected in that short amount of time. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to check it out here. Since then, it's pretty mind-blowing how much has happened.

Long story short, these days I can expect to be able to pay both of our student loans with one weeks earnings {that is a HUGE statement. Our student loan payments are a little insane}. I can expect to be able to cover my families entire grocery bill for the month with one weeks earnings. I can expect to be able to make a LARGE extra payment towards our debt with one weeks earnings. The exciting part is that I feel like we're just getting started!!

Here's what I want to share - My heart is first and foremost about helping YOU regain control of your life. Do I have it all figured out? No! But what I do know? My PCOS symptoms are more in check than they've ever been. My weight isn't on a constant roller coaster that can trigger depression. My husband doesn't have issues with his blood pressure any more. I've personally watched him lose over 50 pounds using Beachbody fitness programs in our home and drinking Shakeology every day. I KNOW this works. I KNOW that having the extra accountability built into this journey is what makes all the difference. I KNOW that if you trust me to help you, we can do this together.

The same goes for those of you out there who are drowning in debt. Who are staying at home with your kids but you have no idea how you're going to pay your bills but you can't afford childcare so that you can get a job. Who are pushing off loans because you don't make enough to pay them back which is just pushing your debt off for forever and you'll never be free. <--- those things are DEBILITATING. Seriously, suffocating. We have been there. We are still there! Our goal this year is to be able to say, "We were drowning.. but now we're free.. thanks to Beachbody." <-- We are WELL on our way to being able to scream that from the rooftops.

At the end of the day, I help people find a better way to live their lives. This isn't a quick fix, money making scheme or joke/scam. This is real life, with real people dealing with REAL struggles and finding REAL change. Radical change. Awakening Radical Change. THAT is our heart beat for this business. "Your dreams, your desires, your hopes are not selfish when they are from God's heart and in his hands."

The people I have met through this journey have absolutely changed my life. From the customers I have the privilege to work with every month, to the incredible members of my team to the amazing women {and men} in the network.. These people inspire me to be my absolute best with everything I do. This isn't just a means to an end {weight loss, health or financial} but this is a lifelong journey, with incredible people and to fulfill an incredible dream that God has for our lives.

"It's not about settling. It's about tenaciously believing you're made for more."

"God-sized dreams are not about your personal fulfillment. God-sized dreams are not about making you happy. God-sized dreams are not about filling the empty spaces in your soul. Your dream is not about you. It's about the God who gave it to you. It's about the kingdom he's building in this world."

"Your God-sized dream is meant to bring your soul joy. It's intended to be a place where you experience deep intimacy with God and rejoice with him."

THIS opportunity is my God-sized dream. THIS opportunity to help lead others to become the best version of themselves. THIS opportunity to help my family. THIS opportunity to help my own journey. THIS opportunity to look past the earthly things and get to the core of who we are and why we do the things we do. THIS is what God has me on earth to do {along with being a wife and a mother, which are my two highest callings in life!}

If this sounds like you, your story, your life, your family or what you WANT for any of those... Please reach out and let's chat! I would LOVE the opportunity to speak with you and see if this same opportunity that God placed in our lives is the same one that could change your life as well.

Thanks for not holding yourself back anymore <3

{{quotes from You're Made for a God-Sized Dream by Holly Gerth}}

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