January 16, 2015


You may have seen me use the hashtag #RM365 on social media lately. You may also be wondering "what the heck is that?". Valid question! So, here we are.. so that I can tell you! I can already tell you're excited ;)

Simply, #RM365 stands for RenewMe (the name of my wellness journey) 365 = days in a year. Long story short ---> wellness ideas for your whole year! Most of the time I will link this hashtag to recipes and clean eating ideas to help you stay on track but that still taste {and look} awesome.

Here are some of the examples that have gone up so far through Facebook and Instagram:

Blog posts for recipes will be available soon if they aren't already! You can access those by clicking on the "Food Love" tab at the top of the page.

Make sure you follow the #RM365 hashtag to get good ideas to keep healthy, clean meal ideas in your rotation to feed your family this year!


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