January 13, 2018

Avocado Chicken Salad

I've seen this recipe floating around for awhile, but I never tried it.. DUMB. This is one of those things you need to drop everything you're doing and make it IMMEDIATELY. So delish.

I tweaked the original recipe because I found the others to be too dry. I shared this photo on my Facebook and y'all went NUTS. So many messages asking for the recipe - so here you go!!

Avocado Chicken Salad

Simple ingredients - grilled chicken, avocado, corn, bacon, dill, green onion and a lemon vinaigrette. I suggest grilling your chicken before because that's my opinion. If you know you're going to try this, get chicken breasts and marinate them in your fav marinade for 24 hours. Then grill. THEN add it to this amazingness. Perfection on perfection!

2 grilled chicken breasts
1 large avocado
1 bunch fresh dill
1 green onion, finely chopped
3-4 strips bacon, crispy
1/2c fresh corn
lemon juice
Garlic salt
Pepper, fresh ground

1. Grill chicken and let sit for 10 minutes. Chop chicken and avocado into bite sized pieces. 
2. Dice dill and green onion. Remove corn from cob.
3. Cook bacon until crispy and chop into small pieces.
4. Add everything into a large bowl.
5. Top with 1tbsp+ lemon juice and drizzle of EVOO. Season with garlic salt and fresh ground pepper.
6. Stir & taste. Adjust seasonings as needed. Serve & enjoy!

Optional - serve with tortilla chips, add in red bell pepper - jalapeno - hard boiled eggs

               Click here for the PRINTABLE RECIPE

July 27, 2017

It's about to get EPIC!

Since MIDDLE SCHOOL I've searched HIGH and low for the perfect mascara. I remember watching commercials on TV and wondering why my lashes NEVER looked like the models. Then I realized that MOST people have photoshop or use fake lashes and it was like my heart broke! I felt like I would never have the lashes that I wanted.

Fast forward 15 years, I had a professional photoshoot and had my makeup professionally done and they added fake lashes! I was in LOVE but my eyelids were NOT πŸ˜‚  I felt like I was having to work EXTRA hard to hold my eyes open and even in the photos it wasn't giving me the result I REALLY wanted. Disappointed again.

Fast forward another year, I find Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. By this time I had tried every mascara there was because I was determined to find the one that made me feel like BAM - LASHES! This was my absolute favorite of anything I ever tried and I just looked past the fact that it seemed to be extra clumpy.

Fast forward another 2 years, I FINALLY tried Younique's 3D Fiber+ {with the new formula} and after a short learning curve I was like YES!!!! 

Extra points if you know what movie this is and you read my last sentence like this! πŸ˜‚
I was finally in love with the lashes that I had, not using a product that was expensive and I wasn't having to have semi-permanent lashes attached to my eyelids every 4-6 weeks {which at one point I had SERIOUSLY considered} BUT it isn't exactly quick. Even after really getting the hang of it, I needed a decent amount of time to really use them well.


Bare lashes vs NEW Epic Mascara
They announced a couple weeks ago TWO brand new products - Epic Mascara AND Esteem Lash Serum πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ  #allthepraisehands

1. Esteem Lash Serum - I am EXCITED about this because I've wanted to try other lash boosting serums before hoping that would help my failing search for amazing mascara, but I was definitely not about to get a Rx from my doctor OR pay over $130+ for it. Younique was like, "I hear you girl - here, this is clinically tested and approved to grow/lengthen your lashes and provide more volume NATURALLY... and oh, it's only $42 USD!"

2. Epic Mascara - The celebration continues over here as we move out of the two step fibers and into ONE STEP NO FIBERS land!!! #givemeallthepraisehands You can apply multiple coats if you want, but it's definitely incredible with just one coat! I mean.. LOOK AT THIS...

Are we serious right now?!? And there's no learning curve! Can you apply regular mascara?! GOOD. Then you can do this!! #sighofrelief

I am PUMPED for these two products and GUESS WHAT?!? They OFFICIALLY release to the public on Tuesday, August 1st!!

Yup, that means you've only got a few days left for you to get on my Pre-Order list so you can grab yours as soon as they go LIVE! Who's excited?!?! #thisgirl

I hope you guys are as blown away by these results as I am and I hope you'll grab your Epic Mascara and Esteem Lash Serum ASAP!! These will likely sell out since we broke all company sales records the day that PRESENTERS ONLY could order them!!#HOLYCRAP So, don't drag your feet and then kick yourself later <3

It's about to get EPIC yall!!


Mexi-Lime Grilled Chicken

Whipped this beauty up last night with ingredients we just had laying around and it was DELISH!

Many of you requested the recipe, so I wanted to make sure I got this up on the blog ASAP for you guys! Highly encourage you to make this one - it was a family fav!

If you have kiddos who can't do spice, or if you're just sensitive to spiciness yourself, use the MILD Rotel instead of the Mexican one and of course choose MILD salsas, etc wherever you see that in the recipe. You control the heat in this one :)

Hope you and your family love this one as much as we did!

Mexi-Lime Grilled Chicken

Recipe from: Payton Peoples
Serves 4-6

6 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1/2c lime juice
1/2c EVOO
1tbsp Honey
1tbsp garlic, minced
Garlic Salt (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
2c rice
3.5c water
1/2c Restaurant Style Salsa
1tsp butter
1 can Organic Black Beans
1 can Organic Corn
1 can Mexican Style Rotel
1tsp ground cumin


1. Mix the lime juice, EVOO, honey, garlic, salt & pepper and pour into Ziplock bag. Add chicken breasts and marinate in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours.
2. Grill chicken on medium high heat, 4-5 minutes per side or until cooked through. Once off grill, top with Mexican style or Monterray Jack cheese and cover with foil. Let cheese melt.
3. Add rice to rice cooker and add water, salsa & butter. Add garlic salt to taste. Let cook until fluffy.
4. Open cans of beans and corn and drain & rinse. Add to stovetop with entire can of Rotel - do NOT drain this can. Add garlic salt to taste and cumin. Heat on stove top until heated through completely.
5. Serve with rice plated first, black bean and corn salsa next and top with grilled chicken.
6. Enjoy!

Optional toppings - pico, diced jalapeΓ±os, sour cream, lime wedges, salsa

July 15, 2017

Beating Goliath

It all began in January 2016. Strange and random symptoms. That never felt connected to one another.

After nearly 10 months of countless doctors, tests, driving hours to see specialists who still couldn't give me answers and symptoms getting worse every day.. I FINALLY found the doctor who agreed with me that Mastocytosis was likely the culprit and needed to be investigated further.

He ordered pages of labs.


In the moment, I didn't care. I just wanted EVERY test run that could give me the answers I so desperately wanted. Off to the lab and then started what would be another exhausting and stressful uphill climb.

We all want to assume that when a doctor orders tests and we go to a HOSPITAL lab, that they would be able to read the lab orders correctly and order the correct labs.. I mean, after all, that IS their JOB - right?! Not so fast.

A couple weeks after the labs were done, results started coming back. Sure enough MCAS was what I had and the labs kept coming back confirming it. Then the doctors office started receiving results on labs they never ordered...

They called me giving me a heads up that whoever did my labs (labs aren't performed in their office, you have to go to a local lab, and I chose the hospital near by, to have everything done) didn't order what the doctor wanted. It gave them enough to confirm my diagnosis; however, they were missing tests the doctor ordered and had results from ones he didn't. 

Basically - "heads up - you're likely going to be charged for this stuff.. so be aware and ready to fight them over it.."

Little did I know what "fight them over it" would really mean...

First bill we received was over $8,000 - FOR LAB WORK. Not a hospital stay. Not a surgery. To get blood drawn. I was FLOORED.

That started the battle because no one was paying $8k, especially since some of those labs were never ordered by my doctor! Billing constantly fought me.. with everything from calling me a liar, to telling me I just needed to sign up for financial aid and quit fighting them.. I had CONSTANT robo calls demanding payments... attitude to last a LIFETIME. It was AWFUL.

Every phone call left me exhausted.
Every phone call left me defeated.
Every phone call left me aggravated beyond belief.

How could a hospital that prides itself on customer service leave me completely defeated and have provided absolutely NO help whatsoever?!?

This dance went on for MONTHS. From October 2016 to May 2017.

Then, FINALLY, a breakthrough.

The Director of the lab FINALLY took my call and took the time to look over my files. She recognized their mistake and issued a refund to our account for the amount they overbilled since my doctor never ordered the labs! #PTL

You would think this would be easy now... NOPE!! #FixitJesus

Billing still would not honor the credit issued.. even though it appeared right there on the statement! The ending balance was still the same. I was so past livid I couldn't even see straight anymore.

I went into overdrive. I collected everything. All my phone records for how much of my time I've spent on the phone with these idiots, all my unanswered emails, all my records for requests for information.. EVERYTHING. I called one last time and gave them the last chance, on a Friday around 3:30pm.

Nice, huh? I didn't care anymore. LAST CHANCE.

They pulled every excuse they could, "supervisors aren't available right now" was the most favorite choice. Oh, and the "let me transfer you" only to be purposefully hung up on.

I'd call back. Start over again. My response stayed the same - "Get a manager on the phone NOW or I will be in the CFO's office on Monday morning handing over every bit of evidence as to why you should no longer be employed here."

Finally.. a manager. Now, I've been down this road about 78 times before. But, God finally connected me to the RIGHT one. THE one. The one who's ass is on the line when the CFO finds out about their mishandling issues.

For the first time in 10 months I was speaking to someone who was treating me with professionalism, no attitude or threats and wanted to figure out what to do and how to help. She requested the weekend to read through the pages and pages of notes on our file and try and figure out from her side what she could do.

Of course, I had to follow up on TUESDAY. Mama bear was coming out again.

We played this song and dance again because she tried to act as though me going to the CFO wouldn't change anything since it would go right back to her. I quickly reminded her that yes, it may go back to her but it goes back with her ass on the line and not mine and since I've been held over the fire for almost a year, I was glad to allow her to take a turn.

She suddenly was back in the game. Funny how that works.

She requested some additional time to contact insurance and have conversations with them.. yada, yada, yada.. all tactics to try and delay and just make me pay the bill. Which, hi.. if you don't understand already, let me make it clear - THAT ISN'T HAPPENING.

To wrap this all up, she finally agreed after me tracking her down for two days, to just write off what our credit from the lab would be to take our total down to what it should be. Tried to act as though she was doing me a favor.. but we all know what was really happening. It took an additional WEEK for the statement to update so I could pay the damn thing and BE DONE.

That moment was last night.

After 10 months of fighting and complete NIGHTMARE of billing, its done and over. It's paid and we can MOVE ON WITH OUR LIFE!!

I pray I never have to come into contact with these people again. I pray that others have the resiliency to FIGHT when they know something isn't right. DON'T give up just because they say "pay me or else". Don't let them send you to collections. KEEP FIGHTING. You are in charge, NOT THEM.

This is CELEBRATED today. 

FREEDOM from medical debt, bullying and the shear lack of consideration for doing your job correctly in the first place. FREEDOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Thanks for letting me celebrate with you <3

April 1, 2017

RenewMe Rouge

Live WELL. Spend your time wisely. Rest well. Be thankful. Love deeply. Be happy. REPEAT.

There's nothing "special" about me. I'm just a wife, former corporate climbing exec turned stay-at-home mom who is passionate about awakening radical change in my own life and the lives of others.

If you just stumbled on my page, welcome! I really hope you find hope, motivation and inspiration through being here. That is my hearts desire - to see women lifted up, encouraged and inspired to tap into their God given potential. You have a gift my friend. The world is waiting for you to see it and share it!

My story is full of lots of twists and turns - maybe there is a layer of the story you can relate to! Cliff notes - I've struggled with my weight and self esteem my entire life. In 2011 I was diagnosed with PCOS and after both of my kids were born, I knew my own journey needed my time, effort and attention. In 2013 I was inspired to start my own #RenewMe journey to re-focus my priorities {physical, mental, emotional and spiritual} to renew my life.

Since then I've struggled through mystery illnesses stemming from autoimmune diseases, but I've never let that define me or be the end to my journey. It's just a bump in the road to a destination far greater than I can hope or plan for. God can always use your mess to make a powerful message if you allow Him!

God doesn't call the equipped. He equips the called.

In 2017 God brought our family to a crossroads. He changed OUR plans and showed us how to trust and believe in HIS plan more than EVER before. This included allowing me to work as an affiliate for one of my favorite boutique clothing brands, Zig Zag Stripe, as well as igniting a deep rooted passion within me to help myself and other women regain their inner confidence through rediscovering their inner beauty and allowing that to SHINE outwardly. 

Renewal at it's finest by sisterhood, empowerment and helping YOU connect to what makes you-UNIQUE :)

My blog is full of great resources from favorite recipes, favorite skin care and makeup tips/looks, tips & tricks for creating healthy habits, business tips and so much more. Feel free to check it out at www.paytonpeoples.com

We're changing our lives and the lives of others every day. Grateful for the opportunity to get to know you!

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February 1, 2017

How we sold our house in under 5 hours: for list price

2016 was a doozey for us. Murphy's Law was in FULL effect every time we turned around, but come hell or high water we were determined to make our dreams a reality. The first step on that road was to get our current home SOLD. We bought this house in 2010 fully intending on NEVER living here with children. Well, here we are.. seven years later and TWO kids - ha!

We have always taken pride in being homeowners. We've kept our home in great condition and anything that could have been an issue, we took care of before our house even went on the market. We spent a good 6-8 weeks getting our house prepped to sell. Mainly because when you have a family schedule like ours and two small kids, doing BIG projects or A LOT of work at one time just isn't possible. It was insane. A LOT of hard work and I felt like I had more plates spinning than I could handle, but it's a season. You will survive it!

We are so thankful that all our hard work and dedication paid off - and QUICKLY at that. Within an hour of our house going live on MLS we had multiple scheduled showings for that afternoon and an hour after the first showing we had a full price offer! Let me share my formula for making sure your home sells quickly.

Check your ego - do your pricing homework

This is your home. It's easy for you to get hung up on a price because you're emotionally attached to what this home means to you. Try your best to kick that to the curb. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. For a good 4-6 months I studied homes in our area that could be used as comps when we listed. Comps don't lie. They will ultimately determine how much your house can sell for. Make sure your realtor is up-to-date on what's going on in your neighborhood/area. They will be able to give you a good idea of where to start and keep you from being unrealistic. A prospective buyer may LOVE your home, but if it's not priced right, you'll never get to the closing table.

{{if you're in the South Atlanta area, I highly suggest Christie Hayes & Company. They are incredible to work with.}}

Take your pets with you

We have a dog and even though he's older and on the smaller side, he came with us when the house was being shown to buyers. Not ideal, especially when you already have small kids to tote with you as well BUT it makes a huge difference not to have a potentially barking animal in the home while it's being shown. We also made sure all signs of having any pets were put away - food bowls, crates, blankets, toys, etc. It was all completely out of sight.

Clean & De-Clutter

This is a HUGE one. The same day that we had the photographer come over to take photos {we will talk about that in a minute} we had a cleaning crew come in and deep clean the entire house. I wanted the house to look perfect for photos that would be listed on MLS. We also had the carpets professionally cleaned and we rented a 10x10 storage unit to get all the clutter out of our house.

Beginning to load the storage unit. By the time we listed the entire unit was full.

De-Personalize - THIS IS KEY

It is SO important that you DE-PERSONALIZE your home. Take down the stuff on the walls. If there are family photos, kids artwork, etc hanging everywhere it's hard for the potential buyers to imagine THEIR stuff in your house. Make it EASY for them and make everything very neutral and open. If you have drastic paint colors on your walls, repaint before you take photos and list your home. We have always kept our home very neutral colored with soft sage green in our living and soft grays as accent walls in bedrooms.

We removed EVERYTHING from the counters throughout the house, opened all the windows, turned on all the lights, closed all the toilet lids and just in general made everything feel very light, bright and open. We got rid of furniture, nick-nacks, emptied closets, emptied the garage, backyard and attic. There was not one section of this house that wasn't 100% cleaned out and staged.

Pay attention to curb appeal - back yard too!

If your home doesn't look nice from the street, you can forget it. It can be the most beautiful house on the inside, but if it looks like a hot mess from the outside you'll never even get buyers inside. We made sure we paid close attention to our yard {front and back!} even though it was January when we listed. I spent time raking and blowing leaves out of our flower beds and yard, we put down new mulch in the flower beds, we pressure washed any areas on the house that needed it, we washed the inside AND the outside of all the windows, put a new potted plant on the front porch with a new welcome mat and we got rid of ALL the toys in the back yard the kids used to play with. Stand back and take a good, objective look at your house from the street and back yard. If it looks a mess, FIX IT! 

Take great listing photos

This is another perk of listing your house with a realtor. Our team has a professional real estate photographer come in to take all the listing photos as part of their fees. If your realtor doesn't include this, I would highly suggest you looking into investing in this service on your own. These are the photos that will show up everywhere MLS listings go live - Realtor, Zillow, Trulia, RedFin, etc. I cannot stress enough how VITAL this is to the success of your home selling quickly (or at all). You cannot afford to lose a buyer before they even step into your home because of terrible listing photos.

Before any showings, I made sure of the following things:

1. House is in pristine, clean condition
2. House smells good (I chose to burn the Home Sweet Home candles from Yankee)
3. Soft music playing in the background (I chose the smooth jazz station on Pandora One Radio)
4. House is nicely lit with blinds open & lights on throughout home
5. All toilet seats are down/closed
6. Take everyone with you - including pets!

We hope this helps some of you who are looking to sell your home quickly! It should be noted that selling your home is a stressful event but the hard work DOES pay off. For us that meant we got our dream listing price and an under contract sign in our yard within 5 hours of going live on MLS!

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November 11, 2016

The Slow Fade

People never crumble in a day. It's a slow fade.

The beginning always seems like a very good place to start {who got the reference??} but it's hard to know when the beginning is for me. I do know that symptoms started to JUMP out at me in January of this year, so I guess we can start there.

Since January, I've been tested, re-tested, poked, prodded, scanned, sampled and spent more time in health care facilities than I care to admit. I've been moved around from specialist to specialist, words like tumor were used more than once by more than one physician and I've had to FIGHT every day to get to today. To this time where I've finally had the right amount of tests and finally the right specialist agree with me about my symptoms.

If you're not up to speed on where this journey has taken me, feel free to visit the Autoimmune & PCOS tab at the top of this page for a link to my past posts.

During all of this, it seems as though disease as just run itself DEEP into my family. My mother and grandmother have both been diagnosed with life changing illnesses. My mom mirroring a very similar journey to mine - long, lots of doctors, no answers, no cure - just management of symptoms. It feels and seems as though these issues are deeply genetically linked and it's like waiting for a bomb to go off and see who it effects in our family next.

There have been many, many days and nights of tears. Many nights spent praying. Many days spent wondering what this is going to take away from how my life COULD be. Many moments wondering "what if..." or "will I ever be able to do...."

After spending hours with a specialist who finally sat down, listened to my entire story and reviewed my pages of typed up notes, lab results and other doctors notes we determined a few things right off the bat. 

Asthma and Mast Cell Disease.

Asthma is treated with breathing treatments and daily prescription medications. This also helps prevent any infections that develop into raging bronchitis making it extremely difficult for me to breathe {like I've had to deal with multiple times this year already}.

Mast Cell Disease is a monster. Not only is it rare and not many doctors even know what it is, let alone how to treat it, but it's DIFFERENT for every person it effects. The short version is - everyone has mast cells. They are a type of white blood cell and they are responsible for keeping your immune system healthy, happy and working correctly. They also play a key role in the inflammatory process. MCAS is still a poorly understood condition and is a current topic of research.

Primary symptoms include cardiovascular, dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological and respiratory problems - all things I've continued to struggle with. There are no known causes, but the condition appears to be inherited. The condition may be mild until exacerbated by stressful life events, or symptoms may develop and slowly trend worse with time.

I have good days where I feel almost normal again and I have really, really bad days where it's difficult for me to even get out of bed. There's no "answer" as to what causes the flare ups. There are just some known triggers that I have to constantly be aware of and pay attention to.

Common triggers include:
    -specific foods and drinks (especially alcohol, and high-histamine content foods)
    -temperature extremes
    -airborne smells including perfumes or smoke
    -exercise or exertion
    -emotional stress
    -hormonal changes, particularly during adolescence, pregnancy and women's menstrual cycles
Now we know why things like this started happening when I would drink alcohol...

And why daily, for the last year, I've broken out in hives all over my body. Most recently these outbreaks would start on my lips and face (which is scary considering breathing is necessary for life)

I've spent more hours than I can count in hospitals, doctors offices and labs desperately seeking answers for why this keeps happening...

I've also seen an Endocronologist who tested as sorts of other things relating to adrenal issues, hormonal issues and food allergies. You'll see below my handy brown folder. I take that everywhere because it's my holy grail of medical information about myself. Doctors can make much better informed decisions on treatment and tests when they have ALL the info. Never rely on your memory.

At the end of the day, I'm sick. The details on how, why, what, etc may never fully be understood. I pray that sometime in my lifetime those questions are able to be answered. With the way it's looking, that may or may not happen, but MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome) was only recently given a name in 2010.

My plan now? Live every day as it comes.

Some days I feel great. I have energy, no triggers seem to bother me and I'm able to exercise without a flare up. But, then I likely suffer the consequences of "feeling good" for days on end. I may not have another "normal day" for a week or more.

It's all about living one day at a time. I'm learning to listen to my body, be EXTREMELY in tune with how I am or not responding to things, and always keeping my meds close by in case of a flare up.

I don't share this as a "pity plea" or grabbing for sympathy - the opposite actually. More to help educate the people around me and even those who aren't.

NEVER judge a book by it's cover. 
You never know the battle someone else is fighting.

Through everything it's inspired me to figure out how I can be my BEST SELF despite everything I have to deal with and I'm working REALLY HARD behind the scenes for what that looks like for you too. 2017 will be a fresh new start for me and I hope you will feel the same way too. I will have a new challenge opening in January called "My Best Self - Renewing from the inside out" that will be completely focused on feeding your spirit, sharpening your mind and transforming your body.

I hope you'll always consider the possibility that things aren't always as they appear when you find yourself jumping to judgement {don't skim over that - we ALL do it from time to time} when you see someone in person or online. Everyone has a story. Everyone's stories are important.

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